Peerless Furniture

St. LouisEvery home has its own unique decor or arrangement. This is especially true once a family has moved in and begin their lives in their new home. If you have recently purchased or built a new home you may soon be looking for special items to furnish your home. Aside from the bedrooms your key rooms will be your living room and kitchen. Having these rooms furnished will make your home livable. While you may be in a hurry to get the rooms furnished you won’t want to settle for just any furniture. Instead, check out the leather furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL near St. Louis, MO. It is there where you will find all the leather furniture and dining room furniture you will need to make your house a home. And you won’t be settling for just anything. The dining room and leather furniture carried at Peerless Furniture come from only the top brands on the market. These include Klaussner, Natuzzi, Canadel, Flexsteel, and Fjords. Stop by their store for more information about each of these brands.

The Klaussner brand alone is one that would make it far worth your while to shop at the Peerless Furniture leather furniture store. Within the Klaussner brand you will find high quality leather furniture including sleeper sofas and recliners. You will also find an assortment of dining room and bedroom furniture as well. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative for more information about Klaussner brand sofas, recliners, sleepers, bedroom and dining room furniture alike. You can also mix and match furniture pieces between each of the brands. They are all built using the highest quality materials and all meet the highest standards held by Peerless Furniture. This is why they easily meld together to create a one-of-a-kind look.


A Fjords Home Theatre Room

St. Louis MOFjords brand furniture is one of the most popular of all the furniture brands on the market. This is just one of the reasons you will find the Fjords brand at the Peerless Furniture leather furniture store near St. Louis, MO. Within the Fjords brand you will find several lines of furniture styles. One of them is known as the 322 Klippe line. This line was built with home theatre room in mind. The Klippe line will greatly enhance the comfort of your home theater or movie viewing room. The pieces can be mixed and matched into several different configurations in order to maximize the seating and comfort for each of your guests. You can combine the pieces between high backs and low backs and create your unique sofa or loveseat.

The 322 Klippe line is perfect for those wanting to achieve a certain level of modern look along with maximum comfort. Mix a high back recliner with a low back chair. Or flank a low back chair with two high back recliners to make a perfect seat for mom, dad, and little one. You can converge many pieces to make the perfect sofa or loveseat combination for your family and friends. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative for more information on the Fjords 322 Klippe line or other lines available from Fjords. Other lines include the Grip, Adventure, Ona, Alnes, the Alfa 510, Alfa 520, Boss, Avensis, Admiral, and the Classic line. each of these lines provide a perfect inventory of unique and memorable pieces that will exceed your wildest expectations. Contact your St. Louis, MO Peerless Furniture store and start designing your dream home theatre today!


Fjords for Your Home Office

St. Louis Leather SofasIf you are like many employees these days, chances are your work may overflow into the outside-of-work hours. To ensure your home office is well equipped to provide you the greatest level of comfort while you complete your work, consider a Fjords office chair for behind your desk. You can shop the entire line of Fjords brand furniture at the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL. This store carries all the top brands of furniture manufacturers. These include Klaussner, Flexsteel, Natuzzi, Canadel, and of course Fjords. This leather chair and sofa store near St. Louis, MO is one that strives to exceed the expectations of each of their customers. Thanks to the wide variety of inventory there is something there for everyone.

When you think of home office you may typically drum up a vision of a small, plain room with a desk and a chair, maybe even a shelving unit. However, your home office should reflect your personality just as much as the rest of your home. The home office, is just typically the last room to be decorated and easily gets the last of the budget as well. However, with the affordability of Fjords brand furniture you can afford a beautiful desk chair that will make just the statement you want and be a perfect reflection of your personality.

Fjords brand leather chairs come in a variety of coverings and colors. In fact, there are over 40 different leather covering colors to choose from and four different types of leather coverings to choose from. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative today for more information on Fjords brand furniture options. You can also shop their online inventory as well.


A Flexsteel Design

St. Louis, MOWhether you bought a previously owned home or you built a brand new home chances are you need to make some design decisions in order to make the house your home. Your home, your entire home, should be a reflection of you and your family. It can be easy to throw some things together and avoid the subject of decorating altogether but taking the time to decorate can make your home a cohesive unit that is comfortable and inviting to all who enter or live there.

The Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis, MO is one that has all the furniture pieces you need to make a house into your home. They carry all the top name brands of furniture manufacturers. These include Fjords, Klaussner, Natuzzi, Canadel and Flexsteel. Flexsteel in particular, is well known for their high quality furniture pieces. When worked into your design correctly they will be pieces you will treasure for your entire lifetime.

Designing and decorating a home can seem like an overwhelming task. Many homeowners choose to decorate just one room at a time or some decide on an overall feel for the home and decorate as they find pieces that would fit into that theme. This method can be easier to decorate the entire home without getting too overwhelmed. If a warm and inviting home is what you’re going for, and it doesn’t matter if you are more modern or traditional or old fashioned, Flexsteel will have exactly what you need to complete your decor and look. Their pieces come in a variety of colors and coverings, with their leather sofas and chairs being their most popular by far. You can shop the entire Flexsteel furniture line online or in the Peerless Furniture store. Stop by today for more details on the brand.


All the Top Brands at Peerless Furniture

Bellville ILYour home is your safe haven. At least, that’s how it should be. If not you may want to consider replacing the old with something a bit newer that you love. If every piece of furniture in your home is one that you love, your home will be far more inviting and warm each time you walk into the door. In addition, your home will be the home that everyone else feels welcome to visit. Thanks to the brands carried at Peerless Furniture you have the ability to don your house with the most amazing pieces of furniture. Everything from sofas, to chairs, to dining room sets are carried at the Fairview Heights leather furniture store. They carry all the top brands including Natuzzi, Canadel, Klaussner, Fjords and Flexsteel. These brands are highly regarded as the best in the business.

If you want to start your redecorating process with the living room furniture, begin by looking into the Natuzzi, Klaussner, and Fjords. Each of these brands will allow you to choose just the look and feel you want without compromising the durability or usability of the sofa or chair. In fact, with these brands you can achieve a classy elegant look, or something a little more traditional and cozy. Their pieces are easily intermingled though, so the possibilities are endless!

For your dining room and home office Canadel and Flexsteel will be the brands to shop. Canadel dining sets are those built to perfectly suit the needs of any family whether formally dining or casual eating. Flexsteel architects have mastered the art of the comfortable office chair. You could easily say their chairs are custom made for each person simply due to the fact that each chair will actually conform to fit the direct needs of any person that sits in it.

Contact a Peerless Furniture representative today for more information.


Achieving a Klaussner Look

Edwardsville ILThe best look in a home is the one that is completely inviting, comfortable, and looks virtually effortless to create. Thanks to Peerless Furniture it actually is nearly effortless to create just the look you want in your home. It is at Peerless Furniture you will find the top brands including Canadel, Fjords, Flexsteel, Natuzzi and Klaussner. Focusing on Klaussner in particular, I think you will be blown away by what they have to offer.

Originally a company called Stuart Furniture Industries, Inc. was formed in 1963. It was purchased later, 1979, and became known as Klaussner. From their the brand slowly expanded reaching further and further across the globe filling the homes of customers worldwide. They stayed true to their roots and remained dedicated to bringing their customers durable and reliable pieces of furniture for years on end. Because of this they have remained prosperous and successful despite ebbs and flows in worldwide economy.

Peerless Furniture has brought the Klaussner brand virtually to our doorstep. You can shop their Fairview Heights, IL store or their online inventory to begin choosing the Klaussner pieces for your home. Whether you are looking for an upholstered sofa or a leather chair near St. Louis, MO you will find just what you’re looking for at Peerless Furniture. They offer a wide array of leather sofas, chairs and sectionals as well. Their pieces are designed with the user in mind. As a result, whether you are looking for formal living room or casual family room setups you will get the same durability and reliability no matter which piece you choose. For more information on the Klaussner brand or for help designing your dream living room contact a Peerless Furniture team member today.


A Warm Home for the Fall Season

Maryville, ILAs fall quickly approaches many of us are excitedly waiting for those crisp evenings spent coming in from the cold just to snuggle up by the warm fire enjoying our favorite warm beverage. If you dream about these types of evenings only for your dream to turn to a nightmare when you think about your old ratty sofa or chair, it may be just the time to start thinking about a new one. Just as a worn, tattered and uncomfortable sofa or chair can ruin your evening, so too an inviting sofa or chair can complete the experience. Trade out your old chair for a brand new leather chair or sofa. Those sold at the Peerless Furniture leather chair store in Fairview Heights are those that will change your life!

Peerless Furniture is a store dedicated to bringing you only the best in terms of upholstered and leather chairs and sofas. They carry brands including Klaussner, Natuzzi, Fjords, Flexsteel and Canadel. These are all well- known for their class, style, and timelessness. Each piece of furniture is held to a standard much higher than other furniture manufacturers and will astound you with its craftsmanship and class.

The Natuzzi brand in particular is a crowd pleaser. This brand strives to bring the latest in fashion and comfort without compromising their classic design and timeless style. Each piece is designed with the customer in mind. A sofa and chair are no good unless they can be used often without breaking down, and keep their look for their duration of its life. This is precisely why the Natuzzi brand has been bringing satisfaction to the homes of each of its customers for decades. Each time you purchase a piece of Natuzzi or Natuzzi Editions furniture you can rest well knowing you’ve wisely invested your money in a piece that will only get better with time.


Reflect Your Personality

Maryville, ILYour home should be a direct reflection of your personality. If for some reason you walk into your home and wonder why you choose a certain piece and feel as if it belongs to someone else, it’s time for a few upgrades. It’s easy to get caught up in what the designers declare as the best decor and look for your home. However, the reality is that unless you love every piece of furniture and decor in your home, you will never truly feel at home when you’re there. It’s time to reclaim your living room and your bedroom, kitchen, office. It’s time to take it all back!

You can start your quest to fill your home with the right things by simply visiting the best leather furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL, Peerless Furniture. It is here where you will find the greatest variety of furniture for your entire home. They carry only the most reliable brands, the brands that come most highly regarded in the business. These include Natuzzi, Klaussner, Fjords, Flexsteel and Canadel. Peerless Furniture has done the legwork for you. They scoured the world to find the brands best known for their high quality furniture. Each of these will provide you with a piece of furniture that uniquely matches your personality while having timeless quality.

While most of the furniture will blend well with other pieces within that same brand, they are also easily mixed and matched to reflect your personal preferences. Choose a Natuzzi leather sofa with a Klaussner upholstered chair to achieve the perfect look in your living room. For more information on all things furniture contact a team member from Peerless Furniture today.


Transforming Your House into a Home

St. Louis MOFilling your home with the things you love will create the look you want and the feeling of a warm and cozy home. Of course, the paint colors and wall coverings will have an influence on the feel of a room but the comfort and feel of the actual furniture pieces will have a direct and the most impact on the overall feel of your home. Having clunky furniture that swallows you up when you sit or leans you towards the middle of the piece when you sit down. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to dictate to your guests where they should sit to be most comfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice having a home full of comfortable furniture pieces, each plenty worthy of accommodating your guests? You can find this type of furniture at Peerless Furniture in Fairview heights, IL. Peerless carries all the top brands in St. Louis leather furniture manufacturers. These include Klaussner, Natuzzi, Canadel, Flexsteel and Fjords.

If you are looking to spruce up your dining room in particularly, Canadel is the perfect brand for you. Each of their dining sets are built to stand up to the demands of your busy life while being elegant and stylish enough to exceed your entertaining expectations.

Each Canadel piece is designed with functionality in mind. They are built using highly durable wood and when covered, they are covered with durable materials whether it is with upholstery or leather. The wood used for their solid wood pieces is solid birch from the forests of North America. For more information on Canadel, Natuzzi, Flexsteel, or Klaussner, simply contact a team member from Peerless Furniture. They are standing by waiting to help you generate the look you want and transform your house into a home.


Klaussner Quality

Edwardsville ILFurnishing your home can seem like an overwhelming project. You want to get each room just right complete with wall coverings or paint, furniture and knick knacks. You want it to feel warm and inviting without clutter and too much “stuff”. Instead of trying to tackle the entire home at once, in one thought, simply make a plan to tackle one room at a time. Move slowly and methodically through the design and decorating process to ensure you accomplish just what you’re after without going overboard on costs and unnecessary items. You can furnish your entire home by shopping at just one store, rather than driving from store to store looking for what you need to complete your look. Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL has a vast array of furnishings to add dimension and warmth to any home. Their styles are classic and inviting yet still offer modern and old world style as well. You have to see the inventory to believe all that they have.

At Peerless Furniture you will find a variety of brands to choose from. these include Canadel, Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Fjords and Klaussner. Each of these are considered to be the best in the business of furniture. Klaussner, in particular is well known for their unforgettable, timeless pieces. It is with Klaussner you will find the perfect leather sofa near St. Louis, MO or the perfect leather chair for your home. They take pride in their brand and have had much success through the years despite unstable economic times. This speaks volumes of their products. To shop the entire Klaussner line or any of the other brands previously mentioned, simply contact Peerless Furniture near Edwardsville, IL.