Avoiding Common Design Mistakes – Part II

ILIn keeping in line with the previous article we will continue to expound upon the subject of avoiding some common design mistakes as suggested by the Flexsteel furniture company. We first covered the subject of color and lighting. The next common mistake is one of weak windows. A window is essentially an open canvas, if you will. You can change the look and feel of a window simply by changing its window treatment. A common mistake with window treatments is that they are sometimes hung too low or too high, don’t cover the correct parts of the window, or not enough of the widow. In order to avoid these mistakes be sure to take precise measurements before shopping for the treatments. A heavy drape may drag down a window and swallow it whole. Choose something that will compliment the room as well as the pieces purchased from the Peerless leather furniture store near St. Louis, MO.

Deciding just which rug is best to accent your new hardwood floors can seem daunting as well. The worst thing you can do to a room is lay a rug that is far too small for the space. It will look out of place and like a lost little piece of carpet. Instead determine which area you want to accent and purchase a rug accordingly. Your purpose is to accentuate the best features of the room and the furniture. The rug should blend into the room.

Finally, keeping it simple will allow visitors and family to enjoy each piece you’ve chosen. Cluttering up a small space is easily done, with children it’s even easier! Try and keep the knick knacks to a minimum in order to allow the floors, walls, and choice pieces of furniture shine through in their best light.


Avoiding Common Design Mistakes – Part I

bILWhen it comes to designing and decorating your new home or just giving your home a new look the task can seem a bit daunting. There are endless resources on what to do and what not to do. However, when it comes down to it, the design of your home and the decor in it must fit your personality and style, and no one elses. To get just the right look and feel you can turn to your trusted leather furniture store in Fairview Heights, Peerless Furniture. They carry all the top brands of leather furniture manufacturers. These include Flexsteel, Natuzzi, Canadel, Fjords, and Klaussner. You can mix and match between brands to achieve a completely one-pf-a-kind look or choose one look from one brand to decorate your home. Either way it will turn out inspiring and just right.

The Flexsteel brand suggests there are a number of common mistakes made by home decorators that can be easily avoided in order to achieve just the right look. First of all, they tackle the subject of light and color. Many people shy away from color when choosing furniture. However, choosing a brighter color piece of furniture, or a bolder color, you can easily achieve a high accented look without being too overbearing. It is a great way to add just a splash of boldness to the palate of your home.

In light of, well, light, sometimes less is more. There’s nothing a little more unnerving to sit on an extremely comfortable and inviting piece of furniture only to realize you’re sitting right next to the family interrogation lamp that is letting of heat for up to five feet away. Keep lighting soft to create a much cozier home. Leave the bigger lights for the bigger rooms. The best lighting is often achieved from lamps and floor lighting rather than from overhead lighting. When in doubt, simply use an accent lamp.


Let Your Living Room Speak

St. Louis, MOYour home is speaking for you whether you want it to or not. You can decide what it is saying by choosing your design pieces accordingly. Your living and kitchen will be two of the most widely used rooms in your home. This is especially true if you have children and/or regular entertain for guests. Rather than just throwing a room together and hoping it works, be intentional with the pieces of furniture you choose for each room. Thanks to the brands that the Peerless Furniture, leather furniture store near Belleville, IL carries you can find everything you need for your entire home in one store. They carry all the top brands including Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions, Klaussner, Canadel, Fjords, and Flexsteel. Each of these brands is well known for their high quality furniture pieces which are designed to not only look great but are also meant to be used and loved. Many of these pieces come with a lifetime warranty. For more information on warranty coverage simply speak with one of the Peerless Furniture representatives today!

In the Klaussner brand alone you will find several different leather sofa option which will achieve the look you want. they have formal looking sofas that will impress any guest. Choose the Tomoka sofa to achieve this look. For a modern flare in your living room choose the Benito sofa. But if you’re looking for the perfect sofa for your home theatre then the Grand Sectional available by Klaussner will be your best bet. They offer a sofa for any type of living and entertaining. You can shop the entire Klaussner line of leather sofas directly from the Peerless Furniture store located in Fairview Heights, IL.


Framework of a Sofa

MOIt seems like it took me years of trying to find the sofa that fit me just right. I didn’t want one too soft nor too stiff, too big nor too small. Finally I found one that fit me perfectly. However, it’s still so intriguing to me to think about all that goes into making that perfect sofa. Thanks to the leather furniture store near O’Fallon, IL, Peerless Furniture you don’t have to think about the construction of a sofa to know what you’re getting is just right. They carry all the top name brands sofas on the market. These include Flexsteel, Klaussner, Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions alike. For the sake of this article, though we are taking an inside look as to just how a wonderful Flexsteel sofa is constructed to perfection.

The framing start by using moisture resistant, cross-grain laminated wood. this wood is so strong they guarantee it for a lifetime! The joints of the wooded frame are dado-cut overlapping joints. Each joint is specially reinforced giving it the sturdiness to withstand just about any type of use you can dream up.

The seat springs are what brings the sofa to life. You want something that gives where it should and stays put where it should as well. The seat springs used by Flexsteel are so durable they too come with a lifetime guarantee. From there the sofa is padded over and over in comfort. It is then topped with a plush 2.5 lb. polyurethane foam cushion. And in true Flexsteel form, it too comes with a lifetime warranty.

When each part of the sofa is constructed using such highly durable pieces it is easy for the company to put their stamp of approval and give it a warranty any customer would be happy to have.

Lights! Decor! Cozy!

Edwardsville, ILAn open floor plan is one of the most common floor plans on the market right now. Having an open floor plan allows you to feel apart of the entire home at one time. Rather than sectioning off each individual room more and more families are choosing an open floor plan. It allows room for the kids to play, mom to cook, and dad to watch the game all from nearly the same room. It allows everyone to feel “together” while all having their own space. If you are new to decorating the open floor plan it can pose its challenges to say the least. The great room being one of the most widely used rooms can be one of the most challenging to decorate. However, following a few common rules you can design a great room that is functional just as much as it is cozy.

Start with the walls in work inward. Choose a color for the walls. Because of the larger living space you can easily get away with darker and warmer colors. Typically a great room will have ample number of windows thus giving you lots of natural light to work with. Use this to your advantage. You can easily take some color risks where you may not have before. Now’s the time to flex your color muscle.

Decide where your focal points will be and build up. Decide if you want the seating point towards the great view of the outdoors or at the wonderful fireplace or even the television. Once you have that decided you can begin choosing which pieces of furniture you would like from your local new leather furniture store near Edwardsville, IL. You can mix and match with what they have at the store to get just the right look.


Restoring it to its Showroom Look

St. Louis, MOAfter several months and years your new sofa may start to look, well, not so new. Thankfully thanks to the design standards held by the Natuzzi Group you can easily restore your sofa to its original look. Each Natuzzi sofa is built using high-end, high quality materials. From the framework to the leather covering your Natuzzi brand sofa is built with care. Not only are they made to look great but they are made to be used. A sofa will only be good to you if it is one that beckons for you to come sit or lay down in comfort. You can pick up your next beloved sofa from your local leather furniture store near St. Louis, MO at Peerless Furniture.

If your Natuzzi leather sofa begins to show a little sign of wear or begins losing its shape you can easily restore it to its original shape in just a few short and easy steps. If the backrest of the cushion is beginning to fall you can begin restoring its shape by beating the cushion starting from the bottom of the cushion, working upward. At the same time, pull tightly on the leather from behind. This simple act can quickly get your sofa looking brand new.

The same goes for the seat cushions. Starting from the front you can stretch the leather and smooth the cushion securing it back in place near the back part of the cushion where the seat and the backrest meet.

If you need help restoring your Natuzzi sofa to its original design you can reference your owner’s guide or consult one of the representatives at the Peerless Furniture leather sofa store or contact the Natuzzi Group directly.


Caring for a Natuzzi Leather Sofa

Edwardsville, ILThe Peerless Furniture leather furniture store near St Louis, MO is one that carries all your favorite furniture manufacturer brands. There you will find Canadel, Flexsteel, Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions, Klaussner, and Fjords. Each brand provides exquisite furniture pieces built using high quality materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship. One of the finest they carry is the Natuzzi and Natuzzi Edition line of furniture. While the upholstery covered sofas and chairs are popular their most popular are the leather covered sofas, chairs, and loveseats.

It is so exciting to purchase your first Natuzzi or Natuzzi Editions piece of furniture. However, if you are like most you will want to be able to use the furniture for decades without compromising its beauty. Thanks to the craftsmanship and quality a Natuzzi brand sofa, loveseat , or chair is one that will only get better looking over time, with the right care. The Natuzzi manufacturer has set forth specific care instructions for each of their leather pieces of furniture. A leather covering requires specific care just as an upholstered sofa or chair would. The recommend using a neutral soap diluted with water and a dry, soft cloth for surface cleaning your leather sofa or chair. Regular dusting will aid in keeping the dirt and other pollutants from setting in and changing the nature of the leather. If by chance you would need a deeper cleaner on your Natuzzi sofa or chair you can purchase a cleaner from the Natuzzi dealer. You may ask a Peerless Furniture representative for more information on this. Using a product other than what they have deemed acceptable will negate the warranty on the furniture. However, taking proper care of your Natuzzi leather sofa will have it looking just as amazing as the day it was first delivered to your doorstep.

Flexsteel Sofas will Last Decades

Maryville ILIf you are a woman who has ever purchased furniture for a home you know the feeling you get when you finally get that perfect piece of furniture that just simply brings everything together and begs for people to come hither. It is the official feeling of “having arrived” in the design world. Many of today’s furniture stores have the run of the mill sofas, loveseats, and chairs to choose from. However, at Peerless Furniture they have all the pieces that will simply blow your mind! They have thrown out the notion of cookie cutter furniture is what makes a home. At Peerless Furniture you will find all the brands you love most and have come to regard as the best in the business. Peerless Furniture, the leather furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL, carries the top brands including Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Canadel, Fjords, and Klaussner. Each one of these brands is that the top of their game and show no sign of handing over the torch anytime soon.

Flexsteel is one of the most trusted and highly regarded brands on the market. They constantly roll out new inventory that is completely built with the customer in mind. Their leather sofas are to die for! They are comfortable no matter what time of the year. In fact, Flexsteel uses brilliant leather care that allows their leather to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Each piece is built with the understanding that it will be used and loved for many years. Because of the high quality materials used to build the sofas and chairs you can be sure your Flexsteel piece will last for decades beyond what you had in mind. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative today for more information on the Flexsteel line of sofas and chairs.


Bought a New House? Think Peerless for Furnishings

St. LouisOne of the most exciting times in one’s life just may be the time of purchasing a first home. There’s nothing like crossing the threshold, keys in hand to your very first home. It can also be a scary time as well. Buying a new home is a great commitment and can seem overwhelming especially at just the start of the loan terms. However, there are so many reasons that owning a home is far better than simply renting a home.

Closing the deal is just the beginning of the home buying process. Many people don’t truly feel at home until the entire home is furnished and has the look and feel that exudes “home” to them. If this is the case for you consider the benefits of shopping at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights IL. It is here where you will find all of the top brand name manufacturers in furniture and accessories for your new home. While their accessories and home decor is nice they are most well- known for their unmatched taste in upholstered and leather furniture alike. Peerless Furniture is the top leather furniture store in the St. Louis, MO area. It is here where you will find the perfect sofa with a great accent chair; the most exquisite dining room set and office set you could ever dream up. They carry all the brands you trust most. These include Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions, Canadel, Klaussner, Fjords, and Flexsteel. You can easily purchase a matching set for your entire living room or mix and match between the brands to achieve a uniquely-you look for your home. To learn more about what Peerless Furniture has to offer you and your home simply stop into the office in Fairview Heights, IL or shop their online inventory.


Get the Natuzzi Look for the Holidays

Maryville, ILAs we approach the holiday season many of you may be in full swing of planning and preparing for your next holiday celebration. For some that means casual get togethers while for others it may mean formal dining parties. No matter what your forte the look and feel of leather furniture will be just what you need to achieve the look you desire for your home. I’m not speaking of that run-of-the-mill cheap looking faux leather sofa and chair you see at every doctor office and church reception area. I’m talking about that leather furniture that is just as beautiful as it is comfortable. That leather sofa and chair that just look better and better with age. You will find this type of high- quality leather sofas and chairs at your local leather furniture store near Belleville, IL.

Peerless Furniture is located in Fairview Heights and is easily reached by any of the St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas. At Peerless Furniture you will find brands such as Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions, Klaussner, Fjords, Canadel, and Flexsteel. Each of these brands are well known for their quality craftsmanship and their signature pieces designed to be used and loved and the ability to last a lifetime.

Truth be told, if you don’t currently own a leather sofa or chair from one of these manufacturers you are surely missing out. The Natuzzi line of sofas, loveseats, chairs, and recliners are simply the best on the market. They are comfortable, built and stitched to last a lifetime, tanned to get the exact look you need to set the mood you want. And as previously stated the Natuzzi brand is one that provides pieces that will only get better with time.Contact a representative from Peerless Furniture today for more details on the Natuzzi brand or any of the other brands of furniture they carry.