A Perfect Fjords Recliner

St Louis Furniture StoreFinding the perfect recliner for your home can seem like a daunting task. However, thanks to the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL you can easily choose the perfect recliner for your home. It is there where you will find all the top furniture brands and those that specialize in recliners. These include Klaussner, Canadel, Fjords, Flexsteel, and Natuzzi Editions. The Fjords brand is one that is noted for their incredibly comfortable recliners. In addition to being extremely comfortable they are also incredibly classic and stylish. Stop in the St. Louis furniture store, Peerless Furniture, to see for yourself the difference a Fjords recliner could make in your life.

The resting position of the Fjords brand recliner is easily achieved by just using your body weight. It automatically adjusts to the curve of your neck and back and provides the ultimate rest and relaxation for your legs and back.  Each of their recliners is donned with the Active Release System that automatically provides a supreme level of neck and back support. With a single movement or shift in your weight it will adjust until you’ve reached your desired level of rest and support.

Some of the Fjords recliners also have an adjustable neck support that goes along with the Active Release System. This is in an attempt to even further support your spine comfortably and in all the right angles. Through simple adjustments your Fjords recliner will comfortably support everyone in your home. No longer will mom and dad each need separate recliners to achieve perfect comfort and support. You can get everything you need from one Fjords recliner.

To experience the support and comfort of a Fjords brand recliner simply stop in the Peerless Furniture store. Or you can easily peruse their online inventory via their website.

Genuine Leather is Easy to Care For

St Louis Furniture StoreMany people assume that the care and maintenance of leather furniture is more difficult than that of upholstered furniture. On the contrary. In fact, it is far easier to care for leather furniture than upholstered. The Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL is well known for servicing all of the St. Louis area with the best leather furniture on the market. It at this St. Louis furniture store where you will find all of the top brands in the furniture market. These include Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel, and Klaussner. Chances are you’ve heard of most of these brands and there’s an even better chance you’ve had the opportunity to feel the comfort of their furniture firsthand. Their leather is second to none and because of this it is easy to care for and will continue to look better and better as time passes.

When you first purchase a leather sofa, love seat, chair, or recliner from the Peerless Furniture store you will notice a few things. First, the leather isn’t without imperfections. This is due to the fact that these manufacturers are committed to using only top of the line, genuine leather. This means that with each hide there will be markings of bug bites, scars and scratches, and general imperfections that go along with any living animal. Caring for this type of leather is fairly straightforward. Keeping it out of direct sunlight will keep it from fading.

On a regular basis you should dust it with a dry cloth to keep dust and dirt from settling into the surface of the furniture. Aside from that most of the care will come from preventative measures.The easiest way to do this is to keep food and drink away from the leather when possible. If these materials come in contact with the leather it is best to clean it up as quickly as possible. This will ensure the staining of the leather will be kept to a minimum.

Thanks to these brands using high grade leather, the regular wear and use will only add to the character and charm of the furniture, making it look better and better with time.

The St. Louis leather furniture store everyone turns to for all of their furniture needs

St Louis Flexsteel DealerThe Peerless Furniture store (www.peerlessfurniture.com) is the St. Louis leather furniture store everyone turns to for all of their furniture needs. It’s the one place where you will find all of the top brands of furniture all under one roof. Here you will find brands such as Fjords, Flexsteel, Canadel, Klaussner, and Natuzzi Editions. Each of these brands is highly regarded in the field of furniture. Investing in any one of these brands of furniture is making an investment into the comfort of your home. You can rest easy knowing when you purchase something from Peerless Furniture, you are getting something that will outlast any other furniture on the market.

The Flexsteel brand is just one of the brands that is carried by the Peerless Furniture store near Edwardsville, IL. They have been making furniture since 1893 in a way that other companies strive to achieve. They have been noted as one that sets the bar in the furniture industry. They have developed a way of making furniture that simply works. They continue to push the envelope of furniture innovation. Their furniture is crafted with such precision and care that it withstands decades of use without breaking down like other furniture on the market. They aren’t a big box company looking for ways to mass produce inventory and stock showrooms as full as they can. They build their furniture on demand. This means they don’t start crafting your sofa until you’ve decided on a design and covering as well. Each piece then, is custom made to your liking. No two pieces are exactly the same.

Once you’ve placed your Flexsteel order the people at Flexsteel begin crafting it. That’s right, the PEOPLE at Flexsteel make the furniture. This is not left to machines. Flexsteel knows the importance of fine craftsmanship and feels this is something they just aren’t willing to change just to attempt to simplify things. The reality is that moving to machines would compromise their ability to make furniture the manner in which they’ve been doing for decades.

People make the best furniture, not machines.

St Louis Leather FurnitureThe heart of a good furniture company is practices that have been successful for decades on end. The Flexsteel furniture company is one such as this. They have been developing furniture in such a way that exceeds the customer’s expectations for decades. For this reason, they are one of the most noted companies in the business. You can find the Flexsteel brand at the St. Louis leather furniture store, Peerless Furniture along with a few hand-picked companies as well. The Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL is committed to bringing only the best to the St. Louis area. At the store you will find brands which include Fjords, Canadel, Klaussner, Natuzzi Editions, and of course Flexsteel.

The Flexsteel company believes that people, rather than machines, are the best at making furniture. This is a process they have adopted from the beginning of their formation and continue to employ to this day. It’s not broke, so there’s no reason to fix it. It simply works.

The Blue Steel Spring system is also found at the core of their success. In fact, it’s actually at the core of all their furniture. It can be found in all of Flexsteel’s upholstered furniture. They are so confident in this system that they guarantee its durability for the lifetime of the furniture. This means a Flexsteel sofa, love seat, or recliner will never lose its shape or sink over time and regular use.

The Flexsteel company doesn’t spend their time mass producing cookie-cutter furniture. No. They actually don’t even begin building a piece of furniture until it has been ordered. Each piece is built to the specific customization of the customer. No two Flexsteel pieces are alike, well, aside from the top of the line materials used and the Blue Steel Spring system at the core of the furniture.

Change the look of the interior of your home without starting any major construction

Peerless FurnitureOne of the easiest ways to change the look of the interior of your home without starting any major construction is by changing the furnishings within your home. Simply changing the look and even the layout of a room can change the flow of your home dramatically. At Peerless Furniture you will find everything you need to change the look of your home without breaking the bank. In fact, Peerless is the St. Louis leather furniture store noted for providing its customers with exactly what they are looking for, for their homes, for decades. It is here where you will find all the best brands on the furniture market. The brands include Natuzzi Editions, Canadel, Klaussner, Fjords, and Flexsteel. Each one of these is highly regarded in the field of furniture. This is why they can all be found under one roof at the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL.

When starting the venture of changing the look of your living room, you can look first to the furniture. Outdated or dilapidated furniture can make an entire room look tired and humdrum. Just the same, a quick upgrade of the sofa or loveseat can breathe new life in the room and create an entirely different feel to the space. Any realtor would agree. The furniture in your home can make all the difference when it comes to either inviting your guests to stay or asking them to leave.

If you are wondering what your furniture options might be for a specific space in your home, simply bring in some information about the room to the Peerless Furniture store. A sales representative will show you what is new to the furniture market and will be able to tell you exactly which pieces will work best in the space. Stop in the St. Louis leather furniture store today for more information on all the brands in the store.

Natuzzi Editions’ Natural Leather

St Louis Natuzzi Leather Furniture StoreLeather furniture, be it a sofa, love seat, or recliner, can add style and class to your home. When you begin your venture for finding the perfect leather furniture, consider the Peerless furniture store in Fairview Heights. They are the leading leather furniture store near St. Louis and carry all of the top furniture brands on the market. The brands you will find there include, Natuzzi Editions, Canadel, Klaussner, Fjords, and Flexsteel. Each of these manufacturers is known for setting the standard for innovation, durability and comfort among the industry. Thankfully, Peerless Furniture has made it incredibly easy for you to shop these brands, all under one roof.
The Natuzzi Editions brand is one of the most popular at the Peerless Furniture store. When shopping their leather furniture options you will have two different leather coverings to choose from; their Protecta edition and the Natural edition. Both leather coverings have their attributes which make them both a great option. They are of the finest leather that will only get better with time. They are both strong, flexible and will naturally adapt to the shape of your body, offering you the highest level of comfort imaginable. They will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, believe it or not. They are also incredibly easy to care for.
The Natural leather covering is soft and velvety and are treated in such a way to leave the natural characteristics of the hide intact. The variations in the grain, the veining and color shades are all hallmarks of the beauty of the natural leather. If you are looking for a piece of furniture to add elegance and enhance the natural interior of your home, then the Natural leather covering of the Natuzzi leather furniture is the choice for you. Visit the Peerless Furniture store to experience the feel of this natural furniture covering.

Fjords Fine Leather at Peerless Furniture

Fjords Furniture Store St. LouisLeather furniture is a great addition to any home. Just the look of fine leather furniture brings up the style and class in any home. This is not to mention the feel of it as well. When you choose to shop at the St. Louis leather furniture store, Peerless Furniture, you choose to shop where all the best furniture is sold. It is at this furniture store where you will find all the top brands which include Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Klaussner, Canadel, and Fjords. Each of these brands is a leader in their field. They hold all of the top selling positions and continue to push the standards for furniture comfort and innovation.
The Fjords brand, as mentioned in a previous article, offers three different leather coverings for their furniture. The Nordic line has been mentioned in the previous article. The Soft line is their next leather covering offered. This leather has a unique softness about it. It has a completely natural feel making it one of the most comfortable leather coverings on the market. Before it is sold it is treated with a delicate protective finish that guards against stains and improves its resistance to liquids. It is the ideal leather furniture option for families that want to enjoy the high quality look and feel of leather while not compromising their everyday life.
The Astro line is semi-anilin. This is a term that means the leather has been partially aniline dyed. A certain amount of dye is applied to only certain areas of the leather to even out the tones and blemishes of the hide and make it more resistant to liquids. There is also an increased resistance to spills and other damaging environmental factors. This type of leather is generally a bit thicker than other furniture leather yet still remains soft and resistant to wear and tear.