A Fjords Home Theatre Room

St. Louis MOFjords brand furniture is one of the most popular of all the furniture brands on the market. This is just one of the reasons you will find the Fjords brand at the Peerless Furniture leather furniture store near St. Louis, MO. Within the Fjords brand you will find several lines of furniture styles. One of them is known as the 322 Klippe line. This line was built with home theatre room in mind. The Klippe line will greatly enhance the comfort of your home theater or movie viewing room. The pieces can be mixed and matched into several different configurations in order to maximize the seating and comfort for each of your guests. You can combine the pieces between high backs and low backs and create your unique sofa or loveseat.

The 322 Klippe line is perfect for those wanting to achieve a certain level of modern look along with maximum comfort. Mix a high back recliner with a low back chair. Or flank a low back chair with two high back recliners to make a perfect seat for mom, dad, and little one. You can converge many pieces to make the perfect sofa or loveseat combination for your family and friends. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative for more information on the Fjords 322 Klippe line or other lines available from Fjords. Other lines include the Grip, Adventure, Ona, Alnes, the Alfa 510, Alfa 520, Boss, Avensis, Admiral, and the Classic line. each of these lines provide a perfect inventory of unique and memorable pieces that will exceed your wildest expectations. Contact your St. Louis, MO Peerless Furniture store and start designing your dream home theatre today!