Complete Support in a Fjords Recliner

Leather Furniture StorePeerless Furniture is one of the leading furniture providers in the St. Louis area. They carry all of the top brands in the furniture business. These include Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Kluassner, and of course, Fjords. Each of these individual companies is well known for their high quality furniture pieces. Whether you are looking for upholstered or leather furniture you will find exactly the right pieces at your local St. Louis leather furniture store, Peerless Furniture.

While each brand carried at the store is of significant value, I would like to focus for a bit, on the Fjords brand furniture. One of the most unique features of this brand is that it is designed with the consumer in mind. Every design feature of their pieces is built around the comfort of the consumer. For example, the Fjords recliners provide continuous reclining of the back which provides comprehensive support to the entire body. As a result, you not only achieve maximum comfort but also maximum rejuvenation for your legs and back. You can easily move the resting position of the chair by simply shifting your body weight. The chair moves with you.

In addition to stellar back and legs support, a Fjords recliner also provides supreme neck and back support as well. All of the Fjords recliners have a built-in mechanism that provides the perfect support for your neck and back. Some of the chairs have a height adjustable neck support with a built in Fjords Active Release System. This system is intricately designed to provide support in just the right places.

To feel the comfort of a Fjords recliner simply stop by the store today. Our sales associates will be happy to show you the comfort of the Fjords recliner. When shopping for your next recliner, shop the Peerless St. Louis leather furniture store.


Peerless Furniture Commitment to Excellence

St. Louis Furniture StoreAt Peerless Furniture you will find all of the best, highest, quality furniture brands on the market. They carry brands including Fjords, Flexsteel, Natuzzi Editions, Canadel, and Klaussner. Each of these brands is well known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, these manufacturers have had high success in business despite the ebbs and flows in the American economy. This speaks volumes regarding the practices and craftsmanship of their products. Because of their collective reputations customers have come to trust each of these companies, and for good reason.

The Peerless Furniture store holds true to many of the same values as these top furniture manufacturers. The Peerless Furniture store first opened its doors in 1907. That’s right, for more than a hundred years, Peerless Furniture has been furnishing homes in the St. Louis area and beyond. For the first several decades there were only a few sofa options at the store. In fact, there was only one covering option and just three colors to choose from, red, blue, or green. Consumers began relying on the company and were never disappointed with the product made available at the store. Customers are happy to learn that the store now carries over 230 colors of leather alone. There is no longer any shortage of style and design options for the consumer. They are firmly committed to keeping up with the latest home styling trends while never compromising the integrity of the craftsmanship of the furniture.

Upon a qualifying purchase, consumers will have the ability to take advantage of professional interior design. Peerless Furniture is committed to making your furniture buying experience as pleasant as possible. Instead of spending days on end shopping at several different furniture locations trying to outfit your entire home with signature pieces, simply shop at the Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis, MO.