The Flexsteel Approach

St. Louis, MOWhen it comes to quality construction, Flexsteel has it mastered. Flexsteel has built a business and brand on the corner stone of excellent craftsmanship. When you buy new leather furniture from Flexsteel you are making an investment into the comfort of your life. Each piece is carefully designed and manufactured in order to meet supreme standards of quality. At Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL you will find a large selection of Flexsteel leather furniture near St. Louis, MO. Each and every Flexsteel piece will make a dramatic impact in your home or office.

Quality construction starts with the frame of the furniture. Flexsteel is committed to using only moisture resistant, cross grain laminated wood. They are so confident in their design construction of the frames that they guarantee them for life. Where wood and construction would be the most vulnerable would be at the joints. It is at the joints where Flexsteel makes dado-cut overlapping joints. They are reinforced with hardwood blocks in order to generate more stability and strength. The base rail joints are reinforced using corner blocks which are glued and screwed into place.

The seat springs in Flexsteel furniture are also guaranteed for life. Their blue steel seat springs deliver supreme levels of comfort and durability. What makes them different from other manufacturers? Flexsteel’s seat springs never need retying or replacing!

This entire frame is then covered in padding and plush cushions are sure to bring you to an entire new level of comfort. For more information on the entire line of Flexsteel leather furniture available at Peerless Furniture near St. Louis simply contact a store representative. They will be happy to assist you with all of your furniture needs.


Furniture for Every Room

St. LouisWhether you are looking for a new living room set, a new office chair or a new dining room set you will find exactly what you need at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. They offer a number of furniture brands bringing you leather furniture near St. Louis, MO, leather chairs and leather sofas that are designed to meet your every need. The brands carried at Peerless Furniture include Natuzzi, Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Canadel, Fjords and Klaussner. Each of these brands are well known for their high quality furniture options.

With Natuzzi, Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Fjords and Klaussner you will be able to dress any living room, family, room or sitting room accordingly. The Canadel brand is more known for their dining options in furniture. When you shop Canadel furniture options you can start by shopping by table shape. Taking into consideration the size of the room for the dining set you can choose the perfect dining table shape. They offer shapes including boat, drop leaf, oval, rectangular, round and square.You can shop by wooden seat or upholstered side chairs or armchairs. You can even shop the dining benches. They also have a complete line of pub style furniture as well. These are perfect for game rooms and man caves.

The Canadel styles include classic, traditional, transitional, contemporary or farmhouse. One of the best features of the Canadel furniture brand is that each of their pieces can be very easily mixed and matched to make a completely custom look in your home. Stop by the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL or begin by shopping online via their website. They have representatives standing by waiting to help you create the perfect look for your entire home.


Filling in the Cracks

ILAt Peerless Furniture you will find the highest quality leather furniture, sofas and chairs on the market. Because of the quality of the furniture you will be able to purchase and keep that piece for your entire life. This is assuming you follow the proper care and maintenance for the furniture. Leather sofas and chairs, in general, will require ongoing care and maintenance despite them being fairly low maintenance.

Let’s be honest, sometimes time passes so quickly it hard enough to remember to maintain the cars, let alone, the inside furniture. If you happen to find that it has been too long since you last cared for your leather sofa or chair you may notice it becoming brittle or even cracking in a few places. Don’t let a crack in the leather send you searching for a new sofa. Take head, the crack can be mended. You can mend the crack in a few simple steps really.

First, clean the crack and the area around it. You want to use a water solution with little to no chemicals. Chemicals can be damaging to the leather and should never be used. Once the crack is considered clean you can fill the crack with a leather filler that matches the leather.Once it has dried you can sand it down so it is flush with the surrounding leather area. Finally, you can use a leather protectant to seal the crack. If you find you have areas you don’t feel comfortable mending simply contact a representative at Peerless Furniture to learn more about proper care, maintenance and repair on all Belleville area leather sofas. Chances are there is an easy fix for any minor crack that may appear on your sofa.


Choosing the Perfect Leather Sofa

St. Louis, MOA leather sofa is one that will conform and fit into any lifestyle and decor. This is just one of the reasons many people choose leather over upholstery covering. However, once you’ve decided you want leather there are still many things to consider moving forward. You will need to choose what type of leather, the color, even the overall design of the sofa. At Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. You will find a wide variety of leather sofa manufacturers carried. One of these includes the Klaussner brand furniture manufacturer. Klaussner has over 50 years of experience delivering high quality leather furniture to their customers. If high quality and attention grabbing furniture is what you’re after then start your shopping venture by researching the Klaussner pieces available through Peerless Furniture.

The Klaussner brand offers more than 35 sofa configurations to choose from. They offer everything from loveseats to sectionals, and everything in between. If you’ve never owned a leather sofa you may be inclined to think that it will feel stiff and uninviting. However, it is quite the contrary. The leather sofas offered by Klaussner are those that are durable yet can be just as soft and supple as upholstery. In fact, cheap or knock-off leather is often stiff and immovable. The leather used by Klaussner is soft, comfortable, and yet will stand the test of time. You can also choose the color of leather you would like. You can choose from traditional browns or something a little more outside the norm. Whatever you are looking for though, you will find with Klaussner. For  more information about sofa configurations, and leather options available by Klaussner simply contact the leather sofa store near St. Louis, MO, Peerless Furniture.


Natuzzi Brand Furniture Construction

Collinsville, ILHow do you know what you’re getting is a great piece of furniture? For starters you can do a little bit of research to determine which manufacturers take great care in the construction of their furniture. At Peerless Furniture you will find a wide array of furniture pieces that are designed and developed by those manufacturers that care the most. Unlike other manufacturers that count on you buying another new piece of furniture in just a few short years, the brands sold at Peerless Furniture are only interested in selling you high quality pieces that will last a lifetime with the right care.

Peerless Furniture carries several brands of furniture. One of their best selling brands is the Natuzzi brand. You will find that the Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions have high quality leather furniture perfect for any room in your home. In fact, many buyers would agree they offer the best leather sofas near Edwardsville, IL.

The Natuzzi company is committed and determined to bring their customers only the best. They start with careful and meticulous construction of the inner structure of each piece of furniture. They use materials such as European solid wood, engineered wood components, molded plywood, plexiglass, steel, masonite and foam as a protective coating over the entire piece. These materials are used just in the frame of the furniture. The next step is building out the suspension. This part utilizes modern technology and computer gauged tension in order to achieve a 100% resilient and quiet suspension.

Next comes the comfort. Each of the cushions in a Natuzzi sofa or chair have a filling that consists of a mixture of foam, plush polyester and feathers. It is a perfect combination of these materials to achieve maximum comfort. Finally, it’s time to choose your covering. Their leather is most popular and comes in a variety of colors and types. Contact Peerless Furniture today for more details on their Natuzzi brand furniture line.


Eco-friendly Leather Sofa Options

Maryville, ILWhen it comes to buying furniture for your home, you likely have a specific look or feel in mind that will fit within the parameters of your current decor. Many furniture buyers will look at pricing and quality of a piece of furniture before deciding on a color or covering. However, other buyers will find the perfect piece and never think to take price into mind. While each of these parts of the buying process is important there are other factors to take into consideration as well.

 As the automotive industry, and other industries have moved in a green direction, so too are many others including the furniture production industry. The manner in which a piece of furniture is designed and constructed is a concern for many of today’s buyer’s. Some go so far as to even research into the way a product is shipped. Thanks to the innovation and forward- friendly nature of the furniture producers carried at Peerless Furniture finding eco-friendly furniture is quite simple to do.

Each St. Louis leather sofa buyer will find an eco-friendly sofa when they shop the brands at Peerless Furniture. These brands include Klaussner, Fjords, Canadel, Natuzzi and Flexsteel. These brands each focus on designing and generating high quality pieces of furniture. Whether you are looking for a new dining room set or a new sectional sofa for your media room you will find exactly what you need while demanding a low carbon footprint from the manufacturer. Many of these brands keep their focus on constructing their furniture pieces using recycled materials, high- efficiency ways of construction and even using recycled materials for shipping. For more information on the eco- friendly ways of the Peerless Furniture store contact a team member today.