Filling in the Cracks

ILAt Peerless Furniture you will find the highest quality leather furniture, sofas and chairs on the market. Because of the quality of the furniture you will be able to purchase and keep that piece for your entire life. This is assuming you follow the proper care and maintenance for the furniture. Leather sofas and chairs, in general, will require ongoing care and maintenance despite them being fairly low maintenance.

Let’s be honest, sometimes time passes so quickly it hard enough to remember to maintain the cars, let alone, the inside furniture. If you happen to find that it has been too long since you last cared for your leather sofa or chair you may notice it becoming brittle or even cracking in a few places. Don’t let a crack in the leather send you searching for a new sofa. Take head, the crack can be mended. You can mend the crack in a few simple steps really.

First, clean the crack and the area around it. You want to use a water solution with little to no chemicals. Chemicals can be damaging to the leather and should never be used. Once the crack is considered clean you can fill the crack with a leather filler that matches the leather.Once it has dried you can sand it down so it is flush with the surrounding leather area. Finally, you can use a leather protectant to seal the crack. If you find you have areas you don’t feel comfortable mending simply contact a representative at Peerless Furniture to learn more about proper care, maintenance and repair on all Belleville area leather sofas. Chances are there is an easy fix for any minor crack that may appear on your sofa.