Flexsteel Rates Their Leather Part 3

Leather Flexsteel Furniture near Carbondale, IL

We’re back with the final article discussing the rating process that Flexsteel uses to categorize their leather. This is the best way to determine which type of leather you are looking for. Every piece of leather furniture will have a number attached to it which is based on this scale. Let’s take a look at the last two categories so you can better determine which type of leather to choose.

The number four in the special effects category stands for the multiple effects. If your leather has this number it means that two different special effects were used on it. These can include rubbing, heavyweight texture, or metallic finishes. Number three stands for active effects. These include an injection of oil or wax which will create a color burst once the leather has been stretched. Number two is for the mechanical effects. This means that the color or surface effect was created with a mechanical technique. Lastly, the number one will be the uniform color effect. This will be a coating of pigment that is sprayed over the surface to create a uniform color on the entire piece of furniture.

The last category for the S’s is serviceability. This will determine how easy the leather will be to clean or whether it’s better for style. Number four will mean that it has minimal resistance. This is an expensive and luxurious leather designed more for the style than it is for durability. Number three stands for natural resistance and it is the most expensive of all the leathers. Number two is a standard resistance so it can withstand a lot of stains and spills. This is a great choice for most homes. Lastly, number one is the maximum resistance. It is impervious to spills and stains and is super easy to clean.

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