Place to Be

5WJjRfX0Loen_ChairMy childhood home growing up was always the go to place for all my friends.  My sisters and I always had all our friends over for slumber parties, play dates or just to hang out and watch movies.   This was an every weekend occurrence.   Due to the busy nature of our house having durable, strong furniture was a must.  If we didn’t have furniture that could take the hustle and bustle of constant action my parents would have to replace our furniture every year or two.  Which would not only be an expensive buy very often, but an annoyance as well. Furniture use to be made to be strong.  It used to be made to last generations and to be passed down.  It is a hard task to find furniture with that type of tenure now a days.

After many furniture purchases throughout the years by my parents they finally found a place that would give them exactly what they were looking for in all areas. This local St Louis store, called Peerless Leather Furniture, are masters in the craft of exceptional leather furniture. Having been in business for over 100 years has allowed them to perfect the craft of durable, luxurious leather furniture.

St Louis Peerless Leather Furniture store first opened there doors in 1904.  Only the best brands are carried in their stores.  These brands include Flexsteel, Fjords, Klaussner, and Natuzzi.  Each of these brands are highly sought after all over the world. No other leather furniture store in the St Louis area can do it like Peerless Leather Furniture.  They are masters in the craft and personally saved me parents money since their furniture is made to last for years.