Benefits of Fjords Leather

Belleville ILThe Fjords brand furniture is just one of the furniture companies represented at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. Fjords is well known for their artistic take on modern furniture. Their leather sofas and chairs are sure to be your favorite pieces in your home. To learn more about the Fjords brand or begin shopping the inventory of leather sofas near Belleville, IL simply contact Peerless Furniture.

When choosing leather upholstery over cloth upholstery you will quickly find there are many benefits to doing so. It has been proven that leather upholstery will outlast fabric upholstery by as many as 4 to 5 times as long. Leather upholstery is also much stronger than alternate coverings. In fact, it is said to be 4 to 5 times stronger than other coverings even along the seams. Leather is a well known fire resistant material that exudes no toxic fumes as well. In addition the coloring on leather is fully absorbed and will not rub off under any circumstance. The leather used in Fjords leather sofas and chairs will stretch and retain its shape, never giving it that sagging look like other alternate coverings. It assumes body temperature rapidly in order to reach optimum comfort quickly. Fjords leather requires simple care; no harsh solvents or cleaning solutions. This means less chemical exposure to your family. In addition, real Fjords leather will age well. It will take on a unique fatina and look better and better over time.

If any of these reasons seem plausible for you then a Fjords leather sofas or leather chair is likely to be a perfect fit into your family. Contact Peerless Furniture in Illinois for more information about the Fjords brand and the pieces available for purchase.