Beautiful Leather Flexsteel Furniture Belongs In Your Home

Leather Flexsteel Furniture near Glen Carbon

Don’t you think it’s time to stop settling for less in your home? Chances are, you’ve been living in a home with old, lumpy furniture for years. We here at Peerless Furniture want to help you through that. When you shop at this store, you can select from brands like Flexsteel, Maxdivani, and Natuzzi Editions to find the perfect pieces of furniture for your home.

The brands that were mentioned above are all well known in the furniture world for offering top-notch quality. They all set high standards of construction while using the best materials to create truly exceptional furniture. Our specialty at Peerless Furniture is leather. We, of course, offer many other types of upholstery, but we believe that leather furniture is stunning and belongs in everyone’s home.

If you’re looking for pieces that are modern you’ll want to check out the Maxdivani brand available at this store. Right now Peerless Furniture has the MAXDIVANI Esprit Sectional which comes in a really cool reddish-brown leather. This sectional is sleek and so comfortable. You could even pair it with a more neutral sofa or chair so it just adds a pop of color in your living space. If you’re looking for something a little more classic check out the Flexsteel brand. One very popular piece of theirs is the Astra Reclining Sofa. This sofa has a wide setting and with low backs cushions. It will offer so much support and comfort to your living space. This tan reclining sofa may just be the perfect piece for your home.

Whenever you’re ready to check our leather Flexsteel furniture near Glen Carbon, all you need to do is visit Peerless Furniture. There you’ll be able to see for yourself the high-quality furniture that is offered.

Find A Stunning Flexsteel Sofa Today

Reclining Flexsteel Furniture near Caseyville

Shopping for new furniture can be a stressful experience. It’s not just the process of buying furniture, but also the unknowns that can stress us out. For instance, when you walk into most furniture stores, you’ll see fancy sofas that look beautiful. But once you put those into your home, you’ll see it begin to wear down. It’s hard to really know which furniture is going to stand up to everyday use. That’s why you should purchase furniture that is built to last. The Flexsteel brand of furniture is known for this. They have three priorities when they create furniture, and it’s that they are durable, nice to look at, and comfortable. You can absolutely trust the quality of this product which you can find at Peerless Furniture.

Flexsteel is a company that has been around for many years. Throughout those years, they have perfected their craft. They are committed to bringing that same level of perfection for every single piece of furniture. They make chairs, recliners, sofas, sectionals, and more, which means you’ll have so many options to choose from. Whenever they are building each piece of furniture, they will test it out after each step. These quality checks are set up to ensure that the furniture is stable and built correctly.

Make a plan to stop by Peerless Furniture and check out some of the stylish, reclining Flexsteel furniture near Caseyville. You’re going to find a piece of furniture that you love with this brand, whether that would be in-store or custom ordered. You can learn more about this whole process by visiting Peerless Furniture. You should also talk to their team about warranties that can come along with your furniture purchase.

The Right Sectional Is Waiting For You

Leather Reclining Sectional near O'Fallon, MO

Do you know what can make your furniture more comfortable and welcoming? A brand new leather sectional from Peerless Furniture. I love sectionals so much, and I know I’m not alone in this. They are so versatile, and I feel like they draw people in with their comfort. When I see a sectional, I immediately think of coziness.

Sectionals can come in many shapes and sizes. That makes it easier for them to fit into all dimensions of living rooms. They also add more seating to a space than what you could, probably, get with just a sofa and chairs. The sectional offers way more bang for your buck. When you visit Peerless Furniture, you’ll be able to pick from a few different brands. They have everything from classic, to modern, to eclectic available in their store. They currently have the MAXDIVANI Lia Sectional available, which is a stunning leather sectional with customizable pieces. You can size it up or down to suit your home’s needs. If you visit Peerless Furniture, you can get a better look at the specifics of this sectional. I have a strong feeling that you’re going to love it, though. It has a simple style, with buttery soft leather and a neutral coloring.

The team at Peerless Furniture is ready to help you learn all about the different brands they offer. Shop through all of their brands until you find the perfect leather reclining sectional near O’Fallon, MO, at this store. You could even customize a piece if you didn’t find what you’re looking for in their showroom. Visit today and start talking with one of their team members. You won’t regret it!

How Does Peerless Furniture Save You Money

Peerless Furniture

You’re going to find great deals with high-quality furniture whenever you shop at Peerless Furniture. They want to make sure that their customers are always getting the sweetest deals. With brands like Flexsteel, Maxdivani, and Natuzzi Editions, you would expect high prices, but Peerless wants to do what is right.

At Peerless Furniture, you’ll find that they are always offering great deals on top of their great prices. For instance, right now, you’ll get a special discount on all of your purchases of in-stock or special orders with the Flexsteel brand. You’ll see significant discounts on all of their brands throughout the year too. If you’re really looking to save on one-of-a-kind furniture, then you should keep an eye out for these amazing sales. You could also check out their clearance items to save even more money. They are continuously putting new items into this category in order to move new furniture into their store. Chances are, you’ll find something amazing in this inventory.

The best thing about shopping at this local store is that the furniture you buy will be durable. That means you won’t’ have to purchase new furniture in a year because the springs are broken, or cushions are sagging. This furniture will hold up. Chances are if you are buying this furniture you won’t have to buy new furniture ever again unless you want to. The joy of knowing that you won’t be wasting your money on subpar furniture is so exciting.

The Peerless Furniture store is here to make sure that their customers are getting excellent quality furniture all the time. If you want to bring great items to your home, then you need to stop by their store today. You’ll be able to look through all of their inventory to find what you are looking for.

Experience Furniture Shopping Like No Other

Leather Flexsteel Furniture near Highland

Anytime you have to make a big purchase you can experience quite a bit of stress. If it’s time for you to make a big purchase then you will likely want to do some research about the store you plan to shop at and the items you plan to buy. Peerless Furniture store is the local store that you’ll want to work with the next time you’re in the market for buying new furniture.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re shopping at a store that you can trust. That’s why I think that you’ll love Peerless Furniture. This store has made a name for themselves in the Fairview Heights area. They have high-quality furniture brands and a staff that wants to help you through the whole process. One important quality you’ll appreciate from their team is that they aren’t going to apply any pressure to get you to purchase your furniture. You can trust this team. Believe it or not, you’ll feel much less stressed about shopping with a team that won’t force you into making a purchase. Not to mention, you’re going to be spending your money on furniture that can last a lifetime. You aren’t wasting your time or money when you shop at this store. You’ll be able to find the Flexsteel furniture brand at this store. Flexsteel has intense construction guidelines set in place to ensure that its products all meet its high standards.

You’re probably ready to learn more about the leather Flexsteel furniture near Highland which you can do at Peerless Furniture. While you’re there take some time to check out their selection of furniture. You’ll be able to find things like sofas, sectionals, recliners, and all other sizes and styles of furniture. You’re going to love what you find.

You’ll Find Great Leather Furniture At Peerless Furniture

Leather Furniture Store near Springfield, IL

The great thing about shopping at Peerless Furniture is that they don’t supply their store with the same furniture that you’ll see repeated at furniture chain-stores. If you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture then you’ll appreciate what this local store has to offer. The team at Peerless Furniture knows the importance of high-quality furniture that is unique and beautiful. Each brand you find at this store is going to be able to offer you those qualities.

One of the brands you can find at Peerless Furniture is Natuzzi Editions. This company has been around for almost 60 years creating beautifully crafted furniture. They think it’s super important to incorporate environmental sustainability and social responsibility while creating their amazing pieces of furniture. The Natuzzi Edition furniture you’ll find at Peerless Furniture is going to be beautifully crafted, comfortable, and will be able to last you for many years to come. If you choose their leather furniture then you’ll benefit from time. The leather that they use only gets better over time, it will get softer and more beautiful as it ages.

There are many different styles of furniture to choose from whenever you shop at Peerless Furniture. This leather furniture store near Springfield, IL, will be able to help you pick out the perfect leather furniture for your home. If you have kids or pets then you may benefit from purchasing a protected leather from Natuzzi Editions. They can put a protective coating on some of the leathers that will make them stain resistant. To learn more about some of the options you can choose from just stop by Peerless Furniture. Their team is ready to help answer any questions you may have.

Peerless Furniture Can Help You Find Great Furniture

Leather Flexsteel Furniture near St. Louis

If your home feels like it’s missing something, then maybe it’s time to visit Peerless Furniture. This store has some fantastic furniture that could be perfect for your home. You’ll find a vast selection of chairs, recliners, sofas, sectionals, and many other items at any given time at this store. Finding the perfect leather reclining furniture is easy whenever you shop at this local store.

At Peerless Furniture, you can find all kinds of different brands like Flexsteel, Natuzzi Editions, and a few others that you’re going to want to check out. These brands are ones that are going to be known for their great detail in every aspect. You’ll find many different kinds of fabrics to choose from for the furniture you purchase. One of the most popular upholstered fabrics is the beautiful leather furniture that each of these brands offers. When you buy Flexsteel furniture, you’ll be getting super high-quality leather that is stunning, and it will be able to last you for years to come. They have over 1,000 fabrics for you to choose from whenever you’re buying furniture from the Flexsteel line.

When you shop at the Peerless Furniture store, you’re going to find many amazing furniture brands. From chairs to sectionals, some with reclining features, and many different styles, this local furniture store has what you need. Regardless of your interior design style, the leather Flexsteel furniture near St. Louis will be able to fit the style that you want for your home. You can visit them online or stop by their store to check out some of the furniture that they currently have available. The team at this store is ready to help you find what you are looking for.

Flexsteel Makes Furniture To Last

Reclining Leather Furniture near Millstadt

When you own a piece of furniture from the Flexsteel brand there are a few things that you’re going to get along with it. Their furniture is always high-quality, durable, and stylish. You can trust that you’re getting a piece of furniture that can last a lifetime because that is always Flexsteel’s goal. We’re going to check out a few of the reasons Flexsteel furniture is so great.

One great feature of a Flexsteel is that they are never going to experience the sinking feeling you get with other furniture as it ages. They have an eight-way hand-tied spring system that will never need to be tightened. This spring is so resilient and gives you just enough support and comfort. They guarantee that it will last a lifetime.

It’s important to Flexsteel that they are only using ethically sourced materials. Every piece of wood, fabric, and other materials they use will come from partners they know. That means all of their materials meet the high standards that Flexsteel sets.

We pay a lot of money for our furniture. That’s why Flexsteel wants to make sure that their fabrics can withstand everyday use. That’s why they have curated a variety of performance fabrics that look great while being able to stand up against children, pets, and any other roughhousing.

This brand has highly skilled craftspeople that pay extremely close attention to detail. Their team works hard to ensure that everything is made the way it needs to be. Nothing is every getting by them that looks even a little bit “off”. Once the piece of furniture has been created it will be checked out then tested for every function, safety, and durability. They want to ensure everything they make is up to their super high standards.

Visit Peerless Furniture to look through and inspect all of the incredible Flexsteel reclining leather furniture near Millstadt. Once you see these pieces of furniture for yourself you’ll want to bring one home.

What Makes Flexsteel Furniture So Comfortable

Troy Flexsteel Furniture

Today we’re asking the question, what makes Flexsteel furniture so comfortable. The great thing about this question is that there isn’t just one answer. Everything about the Flexsteel brand comes together to create the ultimate piece of furniture. They want to maximize your comfort in every way they can. This is why everything that goes into making a piece of Flexsteel furniture is optimized and perfected before they build your pieces.

At the core of every piece of Flexsteel furniture, you’re going to find the Blue Steel Spring technology. This spring is patented for the Flexsteel brand and it has a lifetime guarantee with it. You can actually see this spring if you were to flip your furniture over because they don’t hide it behind any fabric or anything. This spring is made with high-carbon steel which will give you comfort and the strength to last a lifetime. They’ve perfected this steel spring to make sure that it will never need tightened or restrung like many other springs found inside furniture. There are actually four different varieties of this spring that will add extra support where it is needed in each specific chair, couch, or other types of furniture. This spring will ensure that you’ll never experience sagging once your furniture starts aging. Another reason you’re going to find so much comfort with the Flexsteel brand is that they offer several different cushion options for you to choose from. In fact, you’re going to have eight different options through Flexsteel with different blends to create different levels of support, softness, or firmness.

Whenever you’re ready to own your own piece of Flexsteel furniture you can visit Peerless Furniture. Their team will help you learn all about the different features and options you can add to your Flexsteel furniture near Troy to make it as comfortable as possible.

Styling Your Home Has Never Been Easier

Those hot summer months are here and we’re likely all spending a lot of time inside our homes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. However, if you’re spending all of this time inside it’s important that you’re home is a place where you want to hang out. If it’s time to buy new furniture for your home then you need to stop by Peerless Furniture. With their help, you’ll be able to find the perfect furniture for your style.

Whenever you start this process you’re going to need to narrow down some of the requirements of your new furniture. If you bring the measurements of your living space with you, their team can help you narrow down items that you can fit into space. You’ll want to find something that blends well with the style of your living space. They understand that you need to love this space in order to feel comfortable in it.

Right now you can find the stunning B754 Stationary Sofa in a crisp white with black legs. This is a beautiful shape that can be ordered with different colored fabrics, as well. I love this sofa the way it comes and I think it would look amazing paired with black furniture or with a camel brown loveseat or chairs. With white furniture, it can seem intimidating when it comes to stains, but it’s so beautiful and will be fairly easy to keep clean. You can choose their Protecta leather which is strong while still being supple. This shields from stains and ages beautifully.

You can check out the many different furniture options they have available by visiting and searching the different brands. Once you find something that you like you can visit them in person and check out the pieces you love.