Keeping Your Leather Looking New

St. Louis Leather Furniture Store

Taking Care of Leather Furniture

Everyone deserves to have well taken care of leather furniture all the time. Keeping up with leather is not as big of a hassle as most believe. Taking these extra steps will ensure that your leather is here to last. It won’t hurt to spend a little extra time managing and taking care of your furniture

Cleaning Leather

Just as wood does, leather can fade, stiffen, and crack if placed close to a heat source. The heat causes the leather to dry out. Heat also includes direct sunlight. Keep your leather away from heat and sun. Then, using a white cloth to dust off the furniture every couple of weeks is highly recommended. Also, use a vacuum in the cracks and crevices after wiping down the surfaces. Lastly, using great rated leather conditioner is a great way to keep furniture in the same condition it was in when purchased.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

If a spill occurs, immediately clean it up using a dry cloth and dabbing at the spill. Remember not to wipe or press the spill with the cloth. The particular reason for this is that you want to soak up the moisture instead of moving it to a bigger spot. Also, never use strong soaps, cleaners, or detergents to clean stains from the leather. If using any of those mentioned, it could cause more damage to the piece than the original stain would. To vanish any minor scratches, use the technique of gently buffing the surface with clean fingers. If that does not work, try to rub a little amount of water on the scratch and blot it with a cloth.

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