Flexsteel Furniture Warranties

St. Louis Leather Flexsteel Furniture

Don’t waste your money and effort on shopping for a piece of furniture that will only let you down. It’s about time that we all step up and refuse to purchase cheap lousy furniture! When you shop with Peerless Furniture, you are investing your hard-earned money on pieces of beautiful furniture that will last you for many years to come. Not only will they last, but they will thrive. You won’t have to worry about lumpy padding or mechanisms that break down because some pretty incredible warranty coverages back every brand offered at this furniture store.

One of the great brands that you can find at Peerless is Flexsteel. They offer leather sofas, chairs, recliners, sectionals, and the like. Whatever you may be looking for can be found with this brand of furniture. One of the most significant benefits of purchasing this furniture is that you’re going to get warranties coverages to protect your investment for years to come. They don’t provide these coverages because they know something terrible will happen, but because Flexsteel trusts their quality of work so much, they know it won’t fail for no reason. Flexsteel will offer a lifetime warranty on things like wood frames, springs, bases, reclining mechanisms, cushion foam, and feather. As long as you aren’t mishandling these products or trying to use them outside, your warranties won’t be voided. You can also have a five-year limited warranty on electrical and mechanical components, sleeper mechanisms, and sleeper mattresses. The final warranty that they will offer with their furniture is a one-year limited warranty. This warranty is going to cover your finished wood, plastic and metal components, battery packs, filling materials, pillow fiber filling, and a few other upholstery materials. To learn more about these St. Louis leather Flexsteel furniture warranties, you can visit Peerless Furniture and speak with one of their staff members.