Fjords Furniture Line – Part I

Leather Chair StoreSearching for the perfect living room or media room set? Likely, you will find exactly what you need at Peerless Furniture located in Fairview Heights, IL near St. Louis, MO. Thanks to the Fjords brand furniture they are able to offer the best pieces on the market to their area customers. While many leather furniture sellers are geared more towards formal living, Fjords offers both formal and casual living furniture in order to appeal to every consumer rather than just a select group. Fjords offers high quality leather sofas and leather chairs near Maryville, IL.

Fjords has such a wide variety of leather furniture to choose from. They actually offer a total of 11 different lines within their inventory of leather furniture alone. The Klippe line will be a perfect fit for those looking for something a bit more casual. You can easily mix and match pieces from within this line to generate the perfect look in your primary living space.

Next in line is the Grip line. This line has specially constructed seating and cushion design to maximize comfort. The adventure line of furniture pieces allows you to choose from high or low back sofas and chairs. The Ona line is a line that has been specially chosen to be mixed and matched while remaining in the line and generating a one-of-a-kind look. The Alnes line allows a buyer to mix and match between bases and the furniture. By changing the base you create a whole new look.

There are several other lines of furniture available from Fjords, sold at Peerless Furniture. for more information on each of the lines simply contact the Peerless Furniture store located in Fairview Heights, IL.

Natuzzi Brand Furniture Construction

Collinsville, ILHow do you know what you’re getting is a great piece of furniture? For starters you can do a little bit of research to determine which manufacturers take great care in the construction of their furniture. At Peerless Furniture you will find a wide array of furniture pieces that are designed and developed by those manufacturers that care the most. Unlike other manufacturers that count on you buying another new piece of furniture in just a few short years, the brands sold at Peerless Furniture are only interested in selling you high quality pieces that will last a lifetime with the right care.

Peerless Furniture carries several brands of furniture. One of their best selling brands is the Natuzzi brand. You will find that the Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions have high quality leather furniture perfect for any room in your home. In fact, many buyers would agree they offer the best leather sofas near Edwardsville, IL.

The Natuzzi company is committed and determined to bring their customers only the best. They start with careful and meticulous construction of the inner structure of each piece of furniture. They use materials such as European solid wood, engineered wood components, molded plywood, plexiglass, steel, masonite and foam as a protective coating over the entire piece. These materials are used just in the frame of the furniture. The next step is building out the suspension. This part utilizes modern technology and computer gauged tension in order to achieve a 100% resilient and quiet suspension.

Next comes the comfort. Each of the cushions in a Natuzzi sofa or chair have a filling that consists of a mixture of foam, plush polyester and feathers. It is a perfect combination of these materials to achieve maximum comfort. Finally, it’s time to choose your covering. Their leather is most popular and comes in a variety of colors and types. Contact Peerless Furniture today for more details on their Natuzzi brand furniture line.


Leather Furniture for Any Lifestyle

Belleville, ILYour furniture buying venture may begin by considering colors and covering of your next new sofa and/or accent chairs and other pieces. After such conversations you may also begin considering whether you will enjoy a fabric covered piece of furniture or leather. While each have their own advantages they also have their own presence they bring to a home. Many consumers associate quality leather furniture with those citizens “well off” or those who demand the attention and respect from other around them. However, leather furniture is an excellent addition into any home. Whether you are a power couple who enjoys entertaining, or a busy family looking for something comfortable and attractive you will find the perfect leather addition for your home at Peerless Furniture. Leather furniture, especially the leather furniture near Belleville, IL, has a unique way of fitting perfectly into just about any lifestyle.

A high-quality leather sofa, sectional or chair will command the attention in any room. A classic piece of leather furniture will also withstand the test of time and is easily changed with a few pillow or throws to adhere to any type of decor or theme. Many current leather furniture owners enjoy the leather covering over a fabric version for many reasons. Often leather is much easier to keep clean. As a result, it is the perfect option for allergy sufferers. It is also a great option for pet owners. Pet hair and dander will never stick around when you have leather furniture. A simple wipe down of the furniture pieces ensures the sofa or chair is clean and free of these agents each time you sit.

If you have never owned leather furniture and are interested in finding out more about it, simply contact a Peerless Furniture representative. They will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect leather furniture piece for your home.

Klaussner Leather Care and Maintenance

St. Louis, MOAs you carefully and poignantly choose the pieces of furniture for your home you will also need to consider the care and maintenance of the furniture. Why invest in a piece of furniture just to drop the ball when it comes to care and maintenance? the only thing you will be left with is a dent in your bank account and a sad looking living room. At Peerless Furniture you can count on getting a high quality leather sofa or Peerless Furniture leather chair to perfectly accent or set the tone in your home. In addition, each piece will come with care and maintenance instructions in order to help keep your favorite leather piece looking, feeling, and functioning like new.


Klaussner is just one of the leather furniture brands carried by Peerless Furniture. The Klaussner brand is sure to carry exactly what you need. Once you’ve found that perfect leather sofa or precisely the right leather chair in Fairview Heights, IL you will be given the appropriate care instructions as well.


Klaussner breaks down their care methods into three different codes. You will either get a piece of furniture with a code “A”, a code “P” or a code “N”. Each of these represents a specific care plan for the sofa or leather chair. Code “A” refers to aniline leather. Code “P” refers to pigmented or aniline-plus leather. Finally, Code “N” refers to nubuck leather. Each of these special codes will include regular ongoing maintenance, keeping the unit clean by using a soft cloth or the soft brush attachment on your vacuum for regular dusting of the leather covering. Doing so will keep dust and dirt from settling on the furniture, leaving a more lasting imprint, potentially changing the quality of the leather. Refer to the appropriate care method for your next Klaussner leather chair or sofa.


Eco-friendly Leather Sofa Options

Maryville, ILWhen it comes to buying furniture for your home, you likely have a specific look or feel in mind that will fit within the parameters of your current decor. Many furniture buyers will look at pricing and quality of a piece of furniture before deciding on a color or covering. However, other buyers will find the perfect piece and never think to take price into mind. While each of these parts of the buying process is important there are other factors to take into consideration as well.

 As the automotive industry, and other industries have moved in a green direction, so too are many others including the furniture production industry. The manner in which a piece of furniture is designed and constructed is a concern for many of today’s buyer’s. Some go so far as to even research into the way a product is shipped. Thanks to the innovation and forward- friendly nature of the furniture producers carried at Peerless Furniture finding eco-friendly furniture is quite simple to do.

Each St. Louis leather sofa buyer will find an eco-friendly sofa when they shop the brands at Peerless Furniture. These brands include Klaussner, Fjords, Canadel, Natuzzi and Flexsteel. These brands each focus on designing and generating high quality pieces of furniture. Whether you are looking for a new dining room set or a new sectional sofa for your media room you will find exactly what you need while demanding a low carbon footprint from the manufacturer. Many of these brands keep their focus on constructing their furniture pieces using recycled materials, high- efficiency ways of construction and even using recycled materials for shipping. For more information on the eco- friendly ways of the Peerless Furniture store contact a team member today.


Choosing leather furniture for your home

Natuzzi Editions Red Leather CouchWhen choosing leather furniture for your home, it is best to make high expectations in terms of quality. A high quality piece of furniture will be skillfully crafty with special attention paid to detail. Thanks to Peerless Furniture you will find just that type of furniture at a location convenient for you. Peerless furniture is an establishment selling high quality leather furniture near St. Louis, MO. They have a complete inventory of leather sofas, love seats, chairs and other pieces as well.Whether you are looking for a new living room set, a specific piece to accent your bedroom set or a classic sitting room set to jazz-up your living room, you will find exactly what you need at Peerless Furniture.

A leather sofa or leather chair has the ability to transform an entire room, sometimes will even change the feel of the entire home. High quality leather furniture will have a lasting effect in the same manner. Leather furniture is also incredibly versatile. It can be high class, elegant, and commanding, or versatile enough to provide casual seating in any arena. No matter what its purpose, the leather furniture sold at the Peerless Furniture store will exceed the needs and expectations for your family.

High Quality leather sofas and chairs will have a mark of excellence when it comes to craftsmanship. While you want something that looks great, it will likely also need to be functional, durable, and able to withstand the test of time. Peerless Furniture carries brands including Fjords, Flexsteel Natuzzi, Klaussner and Canadel. Each of these brands are highly regarded as those which provide only high quality leather furniture. In fact, these are among the most popular across the globe, in furniture design and development. For more information on the leather furniture options available at Peerless Furniture stop by the store located in Fairview Heights, IL.

Gentlemen….Choose Your Chairs

Belleville ILA man cave or even the family living room isn’t quite complete without the appropriate man chair. It is an unspoken rule that no one sits in dad’s chair especially if dad is home. A man chair is one that is commanding, comfortable, and functional as well. Thanks to Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, you have a number of man chairs to choose from. They offer plenty of chair options from top brands including Klaussner, Fjords, Natuzzi, Natuzzi Editions, Canadel and Flexsteel. While these are all great options, the stars of their lines are their leather chairs.

A leather chair is a perfect choice for any living room or man cave. It commands the attention of all those who enter the room while not being an eyesore like some man chairs tend to become. In fact the leather chairs near Maryville, IL are some of the classiest and high end you will find on the market. These are chairs that will last a lifetime. Thanks to their wonderful design and precision craftsmanship they will be functional, comfortable and easy on the eyes for the rest of time.

Not every leather chair is built alike. In fact, since there are so many brands to choose from you will have the option about the features you would like your man chair to have. You can have a recliner or a stationary chair. You can choose any color leather you prefer even down to the softness of the finish. To find your next perfect man chair and shop the options available from the above mentioned brands contact a Peerless Furniture sales associate for details. The Peerless team is standing by waiting to help you find your next man chair.