Transforming Your House into a Home

St. Louis MOFilling your home with the things you love will create the look you want and the feeling of a warm and cozy home. Of course, the paint colors and wall coverings will have an influence on the feel of a room but the comfort and feel of the actual furniture pieces will have a direct and the most impact on the overall feel of your home. Having clunky furniture that swallows you up when you sit or leans you towards the middle of the piece when you sit down. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to dictate to your guests where they should sit to be most comfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice having a home full of comfortable furniture pieces, each plenty worthy of accommodating your guests? You can find this type of furniture at Peerless Furniture in Fairview heights, IL. Peerless carries all the top brands in St. Louis leather furniture manufacturers. These include Klaussner, Natuzzi, Canadel, Flexsteel and Fjords.

If you are looking to spruce up your dining room in particularly, Canadel is the perfect brand for you. Each of their dining sets are built to stand up to the demands of your busy life while being elegant and stylish enough to exceed your entertaining expectations.

Each Canadel piece is designed with functionality in mind. They are built using highly durable wood and when covered, they are covered with durable materials whether it is with upholstery or leather. The wood used for their solid wood pieces is solid birch from the forests of North America. For more information on Canadel, Natuzzi, Flexsteel, or Klaussner, simply contact a team member from Peerless Furniture. They are standing by waiting to help you generate the look you want and transform your house into a home.


Klaussner Quality

Edwardsville ILFurnishing your home can seem like an overwhelming project. You want to get each room just right complete with wall coverings or paint, furniture and knick knacks. You want it to feel warm and inviting without clutter and too much “stuff”. Instead of trying to tackle the entire home at once, in one thought, simply make a plan to tackle one room at a time. Move slowly and methodically through the design and decorating process to ensure you accomplish just what you’re after without going overboard on costs and unnecessary items. You can furnish your entire home by shopping at just one store, rather than driving from store to store looking for what you need to complete your look. Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL has a vast array of furnishings to add dimension and warmth to any home. Their styles are classic and inviting yet still offer modern and old world style as well. You have to see the inventory to believe all that they have.

At Peerless Furniture you will find a variety of brands to choose from. these include Canadel, Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Fjords and Klaussner. Each of these are considered to be the best in the business of furniture. Klaussner, in particular is well known for their unforgettable, timeless pieces. It is with Klaussner you will find the perfect leather sofa near St. Louis, MO or the perfect leather chair for your home. They take pride in their brand and have had much success through the years despite unstable economic times. This speaks volumes of their products. To shop the entire Klaussner line or any of the other brands previously mentioned, simply contact Peerless Furniture near Edwardsville, IL.


Building a Home? Shop Peerless Furniture

Collinsville, ILBuilding a house can be the most strenuous time in a marriage. Yes, that’s right, choosing finishes for the bathroom, kitchen, lawn, garage, basement, etc. can be one of the most stressful times in a marriage, especially if you have a marriage between two opinionated people. In fact, it is often advised to not build your own own if you struggle to order a pizza together. You will constantly have to make decisions that you may potentially have to live with the entire time you live in the home. The enormity of these decision can be all consuming for some people. And that’s just for the plans, layout, and finishes. That hasn’t even scratched the surface of decor.

In order to achieve the best feel inside your home consider donning your entire home in warm pieces of furniture and accent pieces you love. Throw out the thinking that everything must match according to the standards of some expensive designer. Choose those pieces that are comfortable and inviting. If you have pets or children you want to choose pieces that will be durable yet beautiful.

At Peerless Furniture you will find a wide selection of furniture options that will suite the liking of anyone. In fact, Peerless Furniture is the St. Louis area’s leather furniture store that offers only the best in high quality and durable furniture on the market. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s beautiful too? Each of the brands carried at Peerless Furniture is well known for their beauty, class, style, and of course their durability. If St. Louis, MO leather furniture is what you’re looking for, Peerless Furniture is where you’ll find it.


Entertain Your Crowd in Style

St. Louis Leather ChairThe entertaining season is just about in full swing. Whether you are one to host Sunday afternoon football viewings or elaborate dinner parties around the holidays, chances are you are already thinking about the logistics of your next gathering. While the company is what your gatherings are really all about it certainly doesn’t hurt to have warm, inviting and comfortable furniture for them to enjoy while at your house. If you think your current furniture could use an update consider the options at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. It is there where you will find everything you need to host the best parties in town.

If football and casual gatherings are your forte consider furniture pieces that are durable and comfy. Nothing says football like a good old fashioned man recliner. You will find a variety of leather chairs near St. Louis, MO at Peerless Furniture. The brands most noted for these chairs is Natuzzi, including Natuzzi Editions, Fjords and Klaussner. They have nearly a hundred options to choose from in coverings that are so comfortable and inviting they will be the will definitely make the highlight reel of any casual sports gathering.

If upscale, formal gatherings are your cup of tea look to the Canadel brand for unique dinings sets that will leave your crowd awe- inspired. Canadel provides a number of unique dining sets built from the most durable pieces of solid wood to ensure each table and chair meets their high quality standards. Thanks to Peerless Furniture you can shop for a new dining set as well as a new living room set in the same store.

Stop by the store to shop their entire inventory of solid wood furniture, as well as upholstered and leather chairs and sofas.


Natuzzi Leather Chairs in Your Home

St. Louis MOYour sofa may just very well be the center of attention in your living room. However, if you’ve purchased a Natuzzi brand chair, chances are it takes center stage to any other piece of furniture in the home. Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions are two of the lines of furniture carried at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. The store is centrally located in regards to those residing in St. Louis, MO, Edwardsville, IL, Maryville, IL, Belleville, IL, Collinsville, IL, and Alton, IL.

Natuzzi is a brand that is well known for its high quality furniture including leather sofas and chairs. If you are looking for something with a unique styling and classic lines, Natuzzi has just what you’re looking for. Sometimes a sofa is nice and sometimes a chair is better. The Natuzzi Editions line has over 25 different chairs to choose from. This doesn’t include the different covering options.They carry static chairs, manual and electric recliners as well. However, it would be foolish to think that in order to stay within your budget you need to sacrifice quality. In fact, the opposite is true. Thanks to the efficiency of the manufacturing, Natuzzi is able to offer their high quality leather chairs and sofas, as well as their upholstered chairs and sofas, at a price everyone can afford. In fact, this is a promise by the Natuzzi Group. They believe everyone is entitled to high quality, durable, and beautiful pieces in their homes.

Contact a representative at Peerless Furniture to begin shopping for your next St. Louis, MO leather chair or upholstered sofa. The team is standing by to help guide you in your quest to find the perfect pieces of furniture to transform your home into your dream home.


Shop Natuzzi Leather Sofas in Fairview Heights

BellevilleA leather sofa that is well made and classic in its style is one that will fit into any living room. If you are looking to add character and style to your living or family room consider a leather sofa from Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. It is there where you will find the greatest selection of leather sofas and chairs to choose from. Don’t believe me? Visit the leather sofa store in Fairview Heights to see for yourself. They carry brands including Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Canadel, Fjords and Klaussner. You will likely find the greatest selection from Fjords or the Natuzzi brand. Peerless also carries the Natuzzi Editions line as well.

Deciding on a brand may be the hardest part of the process but it is just the beginning. If by chance, you decide to shop the Natuzzi Editions line of leather sofas you will need to decide on which leather covering to choose; this refers to the color and style of the covering. In just the Natuzzi Editions alone you will have more than 72 coverings to choose from. Because of this it may be a good idea to have an idea of what color you may be looking for. That will at least narrow down your options from the get go.

The leather used by Natuzzi is one that only looks better and better over time. It also stays cool in the summer months and warm during the winter months. In addition, your favorite sofa covered in leather will conform to your body to provide optimum comfort. For more information on the leather sofas and chairs available at Peerless Furniture simply stop in the store in Fairview Heights, IL or shop their online inventory.


A Peerless Furniture Leather Sofa

Collinsville, ILThe perfect sofa and chair combination is waiting for you at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. You will be amazed at the selection of sofa and chair options they have available for each of their customers. They carry all of the most popular and most reputable furniture providers on the market. The brands found at Peerless Furniture include Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Fjords, Klaussner and Canadel. While each of these brands have a unique sense of style they are all well-known for their outstanding craftsmanship and timeless pieces.

The hard part will be choosing which piece is perfect for you. If you are like most shoppers you will have a pretty good idea of the look you want in the room. However, it can also be fun and exciting to choose the furniture for the room and build the decor around that. At Peerless Furniture you can do this by starting with a brand that catches your attention or a specific piece that grabs your eye. Most of the sofas at the store will have an accompanying accent chair however, feel free to mix and match sofas and chairs to suit your taste.

If you start with the sofa choice know that you can choose between a leather covering or a traditional upholstery covering. Leather sofas near St. Louis, MO will be built using only high quality and highly cared for leather. Because of this they will withstand tough everyday living and are perfect for families with children and/or pets. They hold their look and feel for years on end. They will be pieces you will enjoy for your entire lifetime. For more information regarding the leather sofas at Peerless Furniture contact the store today.


Leather Furniture Store near St. Louis

Belleville, ILLooking to furnish your brand new home? Look no further than the furniture options at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL. They are closely located to St. Louis, MO. And have everything you need to make your new house a home. One of the easiest ways to get that home-y feeling is to furnish it with furniture that is warm and inviting. such as leather furniture near St. Louis, MO. This is exactly the type of furniture you will find at Peerless Furniture. They carry a variety of leather and upholstered sofas and chairs as well as high-end dining furniture as well. They take pride in knowing they carry only the best furniture brands in the world. These include Natuzzi, Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel and Klaussner. Each of these brands will provide you with timeless pieces designed with durability in mind. Therefore you will have furniture able to withstand the test of time and keep up with the demands of your family.

While each of the brands would be great additions to your home, feel free to mix and match between the brands to get a completely customized and personal look. Since they are all considered high quality and high-end they mesh well with each other under any design circumstances. You can rely on Natuzzi, Natuzzi Editions, Fjords and Klaussner for all of your upholstered or leather sofa and/chair needs. Flexsteel will outfit your personal office and Canadel will make your dining room a sight to behold. By shopping at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights you can meet the needs of nearly every room in your home. Contact a team member or stop in the store today.


One-of-a-Kind Comfort with Fjords

St. Louis, MOThe typical furniture buying experience is one that entails driving from store to store only to travel from sofa to chair, sofa to chair, for hours on end trying desperately to determine which will be the best fit for your body for the next several years. Well, what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could get a piece of furniture that fit you exactly as it should? What if you could have furniture tailored to your body structure? Well, you actually can. At Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL you can order and purchase from the Fjords line of furniture. Fjords leather sofas and leather chairs near Edwardsville, IL are so innovatively manufactured they actually fit to your body structure. A Fjords leather chair will allow you to sit at the angle that fits your body while the underlying structure conforms to your body to give you the maximum level of comfort from just one leather chair.

In the Classic line of furniture you will find a line of leather chairs that offer a 360 degree swivel. Each chair is built in a manner to provide the most support keeping your back and legs from tiring. These are perfect options for your office chair. Since you will be spending most of your time behind your desk anyway, you might as well be sitting in the lap of luxury. In these chairs you utilize your own body weight to adjust the chair to the perfect position. Contact a representative from Peerless Furniture to learn more about the benefits to owning a Fjords leather chair. Purchase a Fjords chair today and change your life forever.

Natuzzi Editions – Chairs

IllinoisFinding the perfect living room set may sound like a recipe for an entire weekend driving from one furniture store to another. However, your search can be greatly simplified with no worry that you may be missing out on something much better just around the corner. At Peerless Furniture located in Fairview Heights you will find the greatest selection of top brand name furniture options from around the world. They carry brands including Klaussner, Canadel, Flexsteel, Fjords and Natuzzi; even the Natuzzi Editions line. The Natuzzi brand is one that originates in Italy yet provides supreme level of comfort and craftsmanship to customers worldwide. Shopping the Natuzzi brand and Natuzzi Editions line will save you time and ensure you’re getting only the best.

For every Natuzzi brand sofa there is a coordinating chair for accent. However, the wonderful thing about Natuzzi and Natuzzi Editions is that their pieces can be easily mixed and matched to get the exact look you want in your home. In fact, they offer over 25 different chairs to choose from. They each have their own style and appearance. Each of the sofas and chairs are carefully and meticulously built. As a result, you can come to expect the same level of quality in each sofa and chair alike, no matter which you choose for your room.

When you begin your search for the perfect leather chair near St. Louis, MO, think Peerless Furniture and Natuzzi Editions. It will be a decision that will ensure you get the exact look you’re going for and will leave knowing your money was well- invested in furniture that will last a lifetime. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative today for more information.