Natuzzi Editions Leather Options

Springfield, IL Leather SectionalAdding warm and inviting furniture to your home is an excellent way to bring a sense of style and class to your living space. The Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL is one that is committed to carrying the top brands on the market making it easy for you to get great furniture, at a great price. There you will find all different type of leather sectionals near Springfield, IL, sofas, love seats, recliners, and other conversational seating options. The brands in the store include Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel, and Natuzzi Editions. Each one of these is well known for what they bring to the industry. Stop in the Peerless Furniture store to see for yourself.

Many customers find great value in the Natuzzi Editions brand. It’s no secret what their reputation is, either. They use only high quality materials throughout every single piece of furniture. Every part of the furniture is considered; everything from the frame to the outer covering. No detail is overlooked. For instance, their leather upholstery is a highly-valued material. Not only does it look great but it only gets better in time. It is strong, flexible, and naturally adapts to the shape of your body to offer you the utmost comfort. Unlike other faux materials, the leather used by Natuzzi keeps cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. There are two families of leather offered by the Natuzzi brand. These include Protecta and Natural.

The Protecta leather is strong and supple. All the Protecta leathers are covered by a thin protective film that protects the leather from stains and spills. This makes it a perfect leather for active families with children and/ or those with pets.

The Natural line of leather is exceptionally soft and velvety. These leathers are treated in a manner that leaves the original, natural markings in place. With this leather, you will easily be able to see the grains and scars on the hide. It simply adds to its character.

Flexsteel Sectionals at Peerless Furniture

Fairview Heights Leather SectionalWhen it comes to many large ticket item purchases, chances are you do your homework and research to make sure you get the best possible price, the best value, the best bang for your buck. The same holds true for purchasing furniture for your home or office. Typically, these items require a general amount of time and money that in turn requires much of your attention. Thanks to the Peerless Furniture sectional sofa store in Fairview Heights, IL you can find exactly what you’re looking for all under one roof. They carry the top brands on the market including, Fjords, Natuzzi Editions, Canadel and of course, Flexsteel. The Flexsteel brand is one of the most popular, and for good reason.

The furniture options are nearly endless within the Flexsteel brand. When you stop in the Peerless Furniture store you can meet with a sales representative from the store to start your shopping process. First you can choose the type of furniture you’re looking for. Let’s say you’re looking for some sort of sectional. You could choose from either a traditional sectional, reclining sectionals, or conversation sofas.

Next, you choose the type of material you want. You can choose between fabric, leather, Revolution fabric, Sunbrella fabric, Kashmira fabric, or NuvoLeather. Next is the really fun part. You can pick and choose between several options and features to add to your sectional. These include, custom wood finish, cup holders, a console, contrasting welt, accent pillows, power recline, rechargeable battery, reversible seat cushions, nail head trim, included USB charging port, feather seat cushion, gliding, 3-cushion, heavy thread stitching, power headrest, and tufting. The combinations are nearly endless.

Once you get to this point you have just a few more decisions to make. You can choose the collection type you would like or custom make your sectional. Contact a Peerless Furniture representative today to learn more about the Flexsteel brand and what they have to offer.

Flexsteel Reclining Sofas and Sectionals

Springfield, IL Leather Furniture StoreChances are, if you live in America, you own or hope to own a recliner of some sort. There’s no denying the fact that these provide a certain level of comfort that you simply cannot get from a traditional sofa or loveseat. At the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL you will find a wide array of leather furniture near Springfield, IL and reclining sofas and love seats as well. It is there where they are committed to carrying all the top furniture brands on the market. For instance, there you will find Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Fjords and Canadel.

The Flexsteel brand is one of Peerless’ most popular and for good reason. The Flexsteel company has been serving their customers for decades and continues to bring about furniture that pushes innovation boundaries and brings the next level of comfort year after year. Their recliners are arguably second-to-none. And as it would go, you don’t have to get a big bulky recliner to the highest level of comfort from it. They have conspicuously inserted their best reclining technology into their sofas, love seats, and even their sectional sofas too. Furthermore, they have made it so that you can have your sofas and sectionals custom built and still include the reclining feature in the positions you would like.

The sales representatives at the Peerless Furniture store are standing by ready to help you find the perfect recliner, reclining sofa, or reclining loveseat for your home. If you have an idea of what you would prefer in terms of style and design, they can easily get what you want ordered at a great price. However, if you have only a short list of what exactly you’re looking for in your next sofa or love seat, let them help you narrow down your options to make sure you get exactly what you want.

2 Families of Natuzzi Leather

Litchfield, IL Leather Furniture StoreWhen looking to add leather furniture to your home, consider any of the brands carried at the Peerless Leather Furniture store near Litchfield, IL. It is there where you will find all the top brands which includes Natuzzi Editions, Canadel, Fjords and Flexsteel. Stop in to the store to look at what each of the brands has to offer. There is also an option to place a custom order on the furniture that would be perfect for your home. The sales representatives at the store are standing by waiting to help you furnish your home and create the space you’ve been dreaming of.

When it comes to leather, you might find there are more options than you thought. The sales representatives at the Peerless Furniture store are ready and waiting to help you find that perfect leather sofa, love seat, or recliner. Take for instance the Natuzzi Edditions brand. They offer two different families of leather. First off is the Protecta family of leather.  This leather has been covered by a thin protective film to enhance its ability to resist stains and signs of aging. This leather will be more uniform in color and not show as many of the natural markings.  It is perfect for those with pets or young children.

The second is the Natural family of leather.  This leather is extremely soft and is a natural looking leather which dons many of the natural range marks, barbed wire scars, wrinkles, scratches, and even branding marks. There are light variations between one hide and the next. In fact, you may even find these variations within a single hide.  This family of leathers is perfect for those who are looking for the refined elegance of natural leather.


Caring for a Natuzzi

St Louis Furniture StoreThere are many ways to change the look of your living space and your home. One of those ways would be to change the accessories around your home; your throw pillows, blankets, vases, wall art, etc. However, there are other, more lasting ways. One of which would be to purchase new furniture. The Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL has just what you’re looking for when it comes to furniture. It is there where you will find all the top furniture brands on the market. These include Natuzzi Editions, Fjords, Canadel & Flexsteel. Each one of these brands would make an excellent addition to any home. They have a way of warming up any space while bringing a sense of classic style as well.

The Natuzzi brand is one of the most popular you will find at the Peerless Furniture store. It offers some of the finest leather furniture out there. Once you get your Natuzzi leather sofa and/or loveseat you might be wondering how to properly care for it and keep it looking as good as new or better throughout the years. The Natuzzi brand has two families of leather in their furniture lines: Natural and Protecta. There are slight differences between the two. They do have one thing in common though. Each one is extremely easy to care for. The Natuzzi company recommends frequently dusting the leathers with a soft, clean cloth or vacuuming the furniture with a soft brush attachment. Of course, it’s always best to avoid any spills and stains whenever possible. At the same time keeping the furniture out of direct sunlight will keep it from fading over time. Your Natuzzi leather furniture will naturally get better over time through regular use and wear.

Natuzzi Brand, High Quality, Highly Affordable

Litchfield, IL Leather Furniture StoreFinding affordable, high-quality furniture can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, thanks to the Peerless Leather Furniture store near Litchfield, IL you can find just that and more. Everything at the Peerless Furniture store comes from the top brands in the furniture market. It is there where you will find brands that include Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel, Klaussner, and Natuzzi Editions. Each of these is well known throughout the industry as setting the bar in comfort and overall furniture innovation. Stop in the store today to learn more about these brands and their high-quality furniture pieces.

The Natuzzi brand is probably one of the most popular you will find at Peerless Furniture. Their pieces are highly versatile and fit well within just about any style and design. This is one brand that when you buy it, you buy it for life. Their pieces are second to none when it comes to quality. Every Natuzzi product starts as just a draft on a piece of paper. After that there is a team of 120 professional designers, architects, color experts, craftsmen, engineers, and furniture specialists devoted solely to design quality. They focus on studying current trends and choosing the perfect materials available. They look for the newest and best materials in leather, wood stains, fabric, metal, glass, and ceramic.

Each year there are over 6,000 sketches made but only roughly 120 make it through the process to the final verification stage, the development of a hand-built prototype. This part of the process is particularly crucial as it is there where everything is now aimed at improving the look, comfort, practicality, and optimizing the use of materials while ensuring a fair price.

So yes, there is much thought that goes into making sure this furniture is high-quality and highly affordable at the same time. Stop in the Peerless Furniture store today to see for yourself.

Fjords Active Release System at Peerless Furniture

St Louis Leather ReclinerThe Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL carries all the top name furniture brands on the market. It is there you will find brands including Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel, and Klaussner. Peerless has all the latest trends on St. Louis leather recliners for sale. Stop in the store to see them in person or simply begin perusing the online inventory via the website. You really can’t go wrong when you choose to shop at Peerless Furniture store. Don’t feel the need to stay within one brand in particular. You can easily mix and match the pieces to fit your space, décor, taste, and style. Simply ask one of the sales representatives for assistance if you so choose. They are willing to help in any way they are able.

The Fjords brand is well known for their reclining furniture. If you are looking to add a recliner or reclining furniture to your living space but don’t want an oversized bulky piece, I highly recommend the Fjords brand recliners. They are sleek and classically stylish. They fit well within most any design scheme or décor. However, style isn’t the only thing they have going for them. They also push the limits on comfort too. These recliners are second to none.

The Fjords brand company has dedicated their business to ensuring the reclining furniture they produce provides the utmost level of comfort to the user. All their reclining pieces are equipped with their Active Release System. This system automatically provides the best neck and back support you can find. It is easily adjusted too, by a single body movement to further enhance the seating experience. Some of the chairs have even been equipped with a height adjustable neck support as well. This takes the level of comfort to an entirely new level still.

Natuzzi Leather at Peerless Furniture

Springfield, IL Leather FurnitureThe Peerless Furniture store located in Fairview Heights, IL is committed to the sale of fine leather furniture in Springfield, IL. The brands carried at the store are of the top level within the furniture industry. The brands include Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel, and Klaussner. Each of these brands stands on its own as a trendsetter within the industry. However, the Peerless Furniture store has made it incredibly easy to shop each of these brands at the same time. You can stop in to the store if you’re in the St. Louis area, or begin perusing their online inventory via the website. Their sales representatives are standing by ready to help you find the perfect furniture pieces for your home, no matter what your style preferences.

The Natuzzi Editions furniture is one of the most popular among buyers. There is good reason for this, too. Their leather furniture is nearly second to none. The company has a clear passion for leather and the have supreme expertise in working with such material. Their practices with leather has made them a leader in the industry and given them worldwide fame. They start with top-rated hides and work them in their tanning plants. The process includes 23 different stages. The result falls into one of two categories; these include Natural and Protecta. The Natural leathers are extremely soft and velvety and are worked in compliance with the original characteristics of the hide. On these hides, you can easily detect the natural nuances which include the grain, veining, and different color shades. The Protecta leathers are coated by an invisible protective layer, making them durable and ideal for practical and daily use of the sofa.

If you are interested in adding a leather sofa to your home consider the Natural and Protecta leather sofas by the Natuzzi Editions company, found at the Peerless Furniture store.

Flexsteel Recline and Lift Furniture

St Louis Leather Sectional ClearanceOver the years you may find that you change your mind on the décor of your home, maybe even the overall style of it. Just the same, your needs may change in terms of what type of furniture you need. As we age, our bodies naturally change. Something you used to do so easily and without thought may all of a sudden, start causing you pain or discomfort. The folks at the Flexsteel furniture company know what it means to provide ample comfort no matter what your stage in life. Their reclining furniture and lift furniture take the stress and discomfort out of aging and allow you to keep your independence in getting into and out of a chair for longer than traditional reclining furniture.

The Peerless Furniture store is well known for the sale of reclining sofas in St. Louis, MO. It is there where you will find all the top furniture brands on the market. These include Natuzzi Editions, Fjords, Canadel, Klaussner, and of course Flexsteel. Each of these brands is well known throughout the industry for setting the standards in furniture innovation, comfort, sturdiness, and style. When you choose to shop at the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights you make the choice to make a wise investment into the comfort of your home.

The Flexsteel company has made their recline and lift options available in a number of furniture pieces. No longer do you have 1 or 2 bulky recliners to choose from. No. You can have this technology in just about any style of furniture you can dream of. Don’t feel like you have to compromise style for functionality. You can, most certainly, have both! Stop in to the Peerless Furniture store today to speak with a representative about the Flexsteel brand and the recline and lift furniture.

Natuzzi Furniture with Italian Integrity

Peerless FurnitureIt is at the Peerless Furniture store ( where you will find the largest sale and best deals on leather sofas and sectionals in the St. Louis area. The store carries only the finest furniture brands and is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. The brands you will find there include Natuzzi (more specifically Natuzzi Editions), Canadel, Klaussner, Flexsteel and Fjords. If you’re looking for a leather sofa, love seat, or recliner, look no further than the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL. Come by the store today to begin shopping their showroom or peruse their online inventory via the website.

One of the most popular brands at the store is the Natuzzi Editions brand. This company has been setting the standards in quality and design for decades. They continue to push the envelope in these areas so as never to become complacent in either one. In fact they stand by the fact that ethics and integrity are two values which are well interpreted under the Natuzzi Ethical Code. In addition, environmental protection and sustainable development are precise commitments for Natuzzi and are continually pursued by the company in order to adhere to their idea of social responsibility.

The Natuzzi Editions mission lies in providing their customers with the highest quality furniture are the most competitive price points on the market. They toe this line being ever so careful to never compromise the overall quality of their pieces. This is all possible thanks to their own direct supervision throughout the entire manufacturing process; this includes everything from the item design to the purchasing of said materials, from tanning their leather all the way to the delivery to the customers’ home.

If you are looking to add luster and life to your living room consider a Natuzzi Editions sofa, love seat, or chair. You won’t be disappointed.