Flexsteel Lift Recliners

St. Louis Leather Furniture FlexsteelSometimes our furniture must fulfill a dual purpose. Of course, it has to be functional and comfortable, but we also want it to look nice and fit in with our other décor. Thanks to the Flexsteel furniture brand you can perfectly have all of the features you want in one spectacular piece of furniture. The Flexsteel brand has been operating for decades and has pushing the limits of innovation for decades, never compromising on their commitment to high quality craftsmanship. This is precisely why the Flexsteel brand is carried at the Peerless Furniture, leather furniture store near St. Louis, MO. It is there where you will find all of the top furniture brands on the market. They carry brands which include Natuzzi Editions, Fjords, Klaussner, Canadel, and of course, Flexsteel. Stop in the store today to begin feeling the comfort and quality of a Flexsteel brand recliner.

As we age or as we encounter life’s hardships we may require a bit more from our furniture. The Flexsteel brand is one that has professionally designed furniture to aid in such times of life. They have many recliners available with the lift function. Each chair is built using high quality materials, so you will never have to worry about malfunctions at a time when you rely on the chair the most. The power lift chairs give you the ease of getting into and out of your favorite recliner in the house. The batteries in the mechanism can be recharged and used ongoing without ever needing to be out of commission for your needs. It is the one recliner that will continue being your favorite chair no matter what life is handing you, no matter how your needs change.

To learn more about the Flexsteel brand or to get a feel for the Flexsteel brand recliners simply stop into the store or you can begin perusing their online inventory as well.


Fine Natuzzi Leather Furniture near St. Louis, MO

Natuzzi Leather Furniture Store near MaryvilleThe Peerless furniture store near St. Louis, MO is one that carries all of the finest furniture brands on the market. It is at this Fairview Heights leather furniture store where you will find brands which include, Klaussner, Canadel, Fjords, Flexsteel, and Natuzzi Editions. These furniture makers have been doing it for decades and continue to bring constant innovation to the market. This is just one of the reasons customers have come to trust each of these brands individually. Peerless Furniture makes furniture shopping a cinch by carrying all of these brands under one roof.

Natuzzi Editions is just one of the brands you will find in the Peerless Furniture inventory. It is probably most known for its fine leather furniture. This brand prides itself on high quality leather furniture. When you invest in a piece of Natuzzi Editions furniture you will rest assure knowing it is of the best quality, built to last, and will only get better in time. This is one of the best parts of owning a Natuzzi leather sofa, chair, love seat, or recliner. The leather used by the company is highest quality. Contrary to popular belief it will actually keep you warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer months. This is due to its transpiration and flexibility. Adding to its uniqueness, the leather will show natural signs of scarring, lines, insect bites, stretch marks, veining, as well as differences is grain and color. There are no two leather coverings alike when you shop Natuzzi Editions. And as previously stated, as you use the furniture and it begins to wear it will only take on more and more character and continue to look better and better as time goes on.

For more information on the Natuzzi Editions brand furniture or what the Peerless Furniture store has to offer simply stop in the Fairview Heights location or being perusing their online inventory.


Electrical Mechanism Flexsteel Furniture

Flexsteel St. Louis Furniture StoreAt the Peerless Furniture store you will find only the best furniture brands on the market. Whether you are looking for a sofa, love seat, armchair, recliner, or a new dining room set, you can find exactly what you need at the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL. It is there where they carry all the top brands which include Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Fjords, Canadel, and Klaussner. Each of these brands is a top rated brand, well trusted by consumers globally, and continues to push the envelope of innovation year after year. One of the brands that stand out in this field specifically, is the Flexsteel brand.

Flexsteel brand furniture has found its way into homes, offices, RV’s, and even boats. If you leave your home, chances are you won’t have to travel too far to come across some Flexsteel brand furniture. Their furniture really is second to none. For instance, they have armchairs and sofas that are now available with an electric mechanism for easy operation. With this technology you can easily change the inclination of the back, raise the footrest, and change the seating position. The Flexsteel models with the electric mechanism come with a remote control which enables the motor to be operated.

In order to keep your electrically functioning reclining furniture in tip top condition there are a few care recommendations by the brand. First, they recommend never using solvents of any type to clean the metal parts of the furniture. A simple damp cloth should sufficiently remove any dirt and debris from the surface. It is also not recommended that you touch the mechanical parts directly. This may move something to a position where it would impair or completely keep the mechanism from working properly.

If you have additional questions regarding the mechanical abilities of the Flexsteel furniture with the electrical mechanism, simply contact a representative at the Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis. They will be happy to help you achieve your furniture goals.


Comfort Collection by Fjords – Pt. 2

St. Louis Fjords Leather FurnitureAs mentioned in a previous article the Fjords brand is one of the most well known brands when it comes to comfort. They simply do it better than the rest. This is precisely why the Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis, MO carries the Fjords brand. In fact, they stock all of the top furniture brands on the market. At the St. Louis leather furniture store you will find brands that include Flexsteel, Klaussner, Canadel, Natuzzi Editions, and of course Fjords.

In a previous article we began looking into the comfort styling of the Fjords brand. There are numerous styles within this collection; each one a bit different but still holding true to the lofty standards of the furniture maker.

The Loen chair by Fjords is one that comes available with bases which have a 360 degree swivel radius. Similarly the Muldal chair is available with bases that also have the 360 degree swivel. In addition, the base is produced in laminated, stained wood. The Ona collection by Fjords is noticeably one of the most comfortable. It is a customer favorite. Within this collection sofas and chairs are carefully matched keeping the utmost comfort and functionality in mind, providing for an unforgettable sitting experience.

The Fjords Regent chair is one that is properly equipped with the Fjords Active Release system TM. This provides second-to-none neck support no matter what position.

The Scandic chair by Fjords has a variable adjustment feature for continuous leg and back support. It also comes with base options that provide the 360 degree swivel capability.

The Senator. It’s as regal as it sounds. The Fjords Senator chair is also one that comes available with the 360 degree swiveling bases. In addition, the base is produced in laminated, stained wood giving it exceptional character. Just the same the Fjords Trandal chair also comes with the swivel base option.

Finally, the Fjords Voss chair is donned with the height adjustable headrest which creates an ergonomic experience. It provides impeccable neck and spine support.


Comfort Collection by Fjords – Pt. 1

Fjords Leather Furniture near BellevilleWhen you choose a Fjords brands furniture piece you choose one of the most comfortable seating options on the market. Fjords is well known for its ability to generate custom pieces which enhance the comfort ability of furniture as a whole. They set the standard in comfort innovation year after year. This is just one of the reasons the Peerless Furniture store chooses to carry the Fjords brand in their St. Louis leather furniture store. It is at this store where you will find all of the top brands of furniture on the market. It is at Peerless where you will find brands including Natuzzi Editions, Flexsteel, Klaussner, Canadel, and especially Fjords. For more information on the Fjords brand or one of the other aforementioned brands simply stop by the store or begin shopping their online inventory.

As previously mentioned the Fjords brand is well known for their comfort. In fact, they have a complete line of furniture dedicated to comfort alone. First in the collection is the Admiral. A Fjords Admiral chair comes with variable adjustment and provides continuous support to prevent your back and legs from tiring. The Alfa chair developed by Fjords is an organic design which accentuates the harmony between the classic leather covering and the elegant wood accents. It is a classic Fjords design at its best. The Bergen model is another Fjords chair that provides variable adjustment and continuous support for your neck and back to prevent tiring.

The Fjords Brandal chair is one that is equipped with the Fjords Active Release System. This system is loved by consumers and provides extraordinary neck support in all positions. The Grip style is mostly distinguished by the soft cushion on the surface of the chair. The cushion itself is specifically shaped in order to improve the comfort properties of the seat and back.


Characteristics of Natuzzi Editions Recliners

St. Louis Natuzzi Leather Furniture StoreFinding the perfect recliner is a must especially if you’re outfitting your personal man-cave or media room. There are fewer things that couple proper relaxation with perfect ergonomics than a recliner. When it comes to recliners you can trust the brands carried at the Peerless Furniture store in Fairview Heights, IL.  It is there where you will find all of the top furniture brands on the market. They carry such brands that include Flexsteel, Fjords, Klaussner, Canadel, and of course, Natuzzi Editions. Each of these brands is top of their class and is trusted names by consumers globally. In fact, these brands have been noted to be continually successful despite rises and falls within the economy. This is namely due to their unending commitment to their customers.

Start your shopping at the Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis will be one of the best decisions you can make when looking for a recliner. The Natuzzi Editions brand recliners are those with innovation that keeps you astonished. One of the best features of their recliners is their sliding function, or Zero Wall. This allows you to position the chair as close to the wall as you prefer when it is in the upright position. Then, when you recliner it will slide down so as never to scrape or touch the wall. Gone are the days of having a recliner so far from the wall that it looks as if it is in the middle of the room. Place your recliner anywhere you’d like and rest assure your walls will remain untouched.

Natuzzi Editions has several characteristics you can choose from within their recliner options. For instance, you can get a swiveling armchair that has a rocking chair function as well as a reclining feature! WHAT? That’s like getting three chairs in one. It will sure to become the favorite spot for the entire family.


Peerless Furniture – Home to the Finest

Peerless Furniture Store St. Louis, MOAs we approach the spring season, you may find yourself looking around your home wondering where you can make some upgrades. Maybe it’s just glaringly apparent where those upgrades are needed. If you’re like most families, chances are you use 2-3 rooms more often than other rooms in your house. For my family, these rooms happen to be the kitchen, living room, and our media room. We seem to congregate to these areas no matter what we have going on at the time. If we are home, we are typically found in one of these rooms. It is during the winter months, when you have maybe a little more time inside the house, that you look at these rooms and dream of changes you would like to make. With the help of the Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis, MO you can make all of the upgrades you want, while getting the highest quality furniture on the market.

At Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL, you will find all of the top brands in furniture manufacturing. They carry brands which include Natuzzi Editions, Klaussner, Canadel, Fjords, and Flexsteel. Each of these brands are well known for their commitment to customer satisfaction, their attention to detail, their ongoing furniture innovation, and their ability to consistently exceed consumer expectations. They have a full inventory of furniture product but also have the ability to order whatever you may need from any of the manufacturers. The furniture they carry is covered in the softest upholstery or finest leather. Their wood furniture for a dining room or accent pieces in any room, are second to none. Choosing just one or two pieces from Peerless Furniture can change the look of your home. To begin shopping their inventory you can stop by the store or begin perusing via their website.


Natuzzi Leather Furniture Options

Natuzzi Leather Furniture St. Louis MOAt Peerless Furniture, the top leather furniture store in the St. Louis area, you will find all of the biggest brands in leather furniture. These include the Natuzzi Editions brand, Klaussner, Canadel, Fjords and even the Flexsteel brand. If you are on the market for a new piece of furniture for your home then start (and finish) your shopping with Peerless. Peerless Furniture has made it incredibly easy to find high quality furniture pieces at affordable prices. They pride themselves on being able to exceed the expectations of their customers while never compromising on product quality. To learn more about the inventory at the Peerless Furniture store you can begin perusing their online website or simply stop in the store during operating business hours.

One of the most notable brands in the furniture market is Natuzzi, more specifically Natuzzi Editions. The Natuzzi brand is one that is fully committed to furniture innovation, achieving maximum comfort, and exceeding the demands of today’s furniture buyers. They may be most popularly known for their leather furniture. Each leather sofa, leather chair, leather loveseat, or leather recliner is built using the best materials and covered in natural and durable leather. Their natural leather is incredibly soft. It almost has a velvety feel to it. They are treated in a way that leaves all of the natural markings and scars in place. Because of this, each leather piece is simply a work of art; one that is unlike any others on the market. Each covering shows variations in the veining, grain, as well as the color shade. However, you can choose a non-conventional shade of color for your leather covering if you so choose. Sometimes you need something that pops. They have colors in the red and blue family to choose from as well. Contact a customer service representative today to learn more about the color options for your next leather sofa, love seat, or recliner.


Klaussner Furniture Store

Klaussner Furniture Store near Maryville, ILAt Peerless Furniture located near St. Louis, MO you will find all of the top brands of furniture. These brands include Natuzzi Editions, Canadel, Klaussner, Fjords, and Flexsteel as well. Each of these furniture companies have a distinct knack for continuously giving their consumers exactly what they want while achieving an incredible level of furniture integrity. This is namely due to decades of commitment to overall integrity of their materials and their incredible attention to detail with each piece of furniture. At the Fairview Heights furniture store you will not be disappointed in any of your selections.

The Klaussner brand furniture is always a customer favorite. It never disappoints and always brings a high level of quality no matter what the design trends are at the moment. With each piece of leather or upholstered furniture piece you will be pleased to learn that they are built using only high quality materials and will easily stand the test of time, especially if you follow the Klaussner care guidelines.

Of course, the Klaussner leather furniture pieces have a certain amount of character. In fact, no two pieces are alike thanks to the natural leather used for the covering. Every hide is unique and brings its own level of character to the furniture. The care for such pieces of leather furniture requires a general rule of thumb. Try to keep your sofa, chair, or love seat clean from all spills or liquids. This will keep it from staining or generating water spots as it ages. In addition, when it comes to care, gentle is the best way to go. You don’t want to use any harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasives. Generally speaking a gentle cloth and gentle vacuuming of the surface can do the trick and will keep your Klaussner sofa looking good as new for several years to come.


Klaussner Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL

St. Louis Klaussner Leather FurnitureThere’s nothing like the classic look of leather. At the Peerless Furniture store near St. Louis, MO you will find all of the top furniture brand providers on the market. Their brands include Klaussner, Canadel, Fjords, Flexsteel, and Natuzzi Editions. Each of these brands has been wowing their consumers for decades. They have incredible attention to detail and continue to give their customers exactly what they want while never compromising the integrity of their furniture. Because of this, St. Louis customers know exactly where to go for all of their furniture needs. The leather furniture in O’Fallon IL has exactly what they have, every time they need something.

Sometimes the perfect complement to a beautiful leather living room set is a gorgeous coffee table or end table made entirely of wood. The Klaussner wood furniture is just a natural and beautiful as their leather pieces. As discussed in previous articles, there is also a proper cleaning regime which is advised by the Klaussner company. Following these guidelines can help you keep your wood furniture looking just as striking as it was the day you first purchased it.

Each wood piece of furniture comes with its own “personality.” There will be knots and pits which occur naturally in nature and will give your furniture the character you love. Any liquid that happens to fall onto your wood furniture should be removed as quickly as possible. This should prevent any lasting staining on the wood. When you wipe up a liquid you should always remember to wipe with the direction of the wood grain.

If possible, keep your Klaussner wood furniture out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause fading over time. Just the same, extreme temperatures and changes in humidity can cause irreconcilable cracking or splitting. Thinking about coasters? Don’t place anything rubber or plastic on the wood furniture. The chemicals in these materials may react with the finish on the wood. Instead opt for a cork or felt bottom coaster set.